Sunday, January 31, 2021

Flawed But Nice

I'm using up a pair of slides that suffer from various issues; but they're still worth a look! This first one is the last of a batch from the 1950s; some of you may remember the mother in her red and white print dress. She and some other folks are looking in the windows of Merlin's Magic Shop, but the shadows went so dark that we can't really tell what was so interesting. 

I like some details such as the carved wooden beams, of the greenish stucco, with areas of brown tint to make the building look authentically ancient. But the best detail is the little girl to the left, who is apparently starring in her own hip-hop video. She wants it to rain Benjamins!

This next one is from February, 1963, and it's a little blurry, unfortunately. But views taken from the back of one of the Pack Mules are uncommon, so I decided to share it anyway. Mom throws a jaunty salute to let us know that everything is A-OK. How fun would it be to go up that pathway, above the town of Rainbow Ridge (to our right), and through the trees? I'll bet the air smelled like pine on warm days - but this was February, and it must have been a little chilly, since the riders are wearing sweaters.


Nanook said...

Yes, that girl is really 'gettin' down'-! Nice cuffs on the lads' pants, too.

Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

.....the little girl to the left, who is apparently starring in her own hip-hop video. She wants it to rain Benjamins!

Major, you are too, too funny!

Nanook, she's gettin' down...AND gettin' funky!

We need Andrew and his eyeballs, to tell us what that sign in the window says (but I'm guessing he won't be up for another four hours or so).

The second pic, with that lady obviously a little bit ahead of her photographer, just triggered a childhood memory. I was riding on one of the burros at Knott's Berry Farm, and I was in the back of the "pack" for most of the ride. Near the end of the ride, my burro decided he or she wanted to be up front and started hauling......well, you know. We passed everyone else and were the first ones back to the loading/unloading area. It felt strange to be on the back of a burro that was moving that quickly, when they usually lumbered along at a pretty slow pace.

Melissa said...

That little girl is a hoot! I love her red Keds. So many pretty dresses in that picture.

Andrew said...

Sorry, TM!, all I can make out from that sign is Head [Quarters? looks like an X as the first letter] for [???] [of?] [souvenirs?]. Maybe I'll look at it more later today.

I used a photo reference for the "amazing" sign ID on Friday, but I now realize saying that I "figured it out" was vague, and it made it sound like I deduced it by myself!

JG said...

Photo 1, apart from the rapper kid, has a lot of interesting details. Thanks for these Major. Amazing how much fun a “dull” picture can be.

Mostly textures; the (sandblasted?) wood beams and corbels, the rough-cast plaster, the faux stone steps (actually plaster with incised grooves to look like stone joints), the pebble paving, slate roof, art glass window, and the hip roof of a themed trash can. All expensive and showing the famous WED attention to detail.

Photo 2, yes, I wish I could be there.

Tokyo, that’s a funny story. My Dad told a similar story about one of his farm horses, slow to go out, but nearly running to get back to the barn. Back then, after church or a market visit, they could just tie the reins to the wagon seat and doze because the horses knew the way home and needed no directions.


Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I would love to know what exactly that little girls was doing/saying! The boy can wear those pants for another five years at least.

TokyoMagic!, she should be on Soul Train! I can see that the sign says “HEADQUARTERS for…” and then it looks like yellow Kodak boxes are in the window. I wonder if I could find that in other photos of Merlin’s Magic Shop? Your memory of the stubborn burro (fun story!) reminds me of when my mom would want us to go horseback riding in the Sierras. The horses knew the trail by heart, and most just clopped along, but for some reason I got the horse that wouldn’t stay on the trail, and even bucked a little. Needless to say, I did not like horseback riding as much as my mom did.

Melissa, I hope that girl grew up to be a big musical star.

Andrew, yes, “Headquarters” for sure. In that Skyway photo, I could actually figure out most of the text, but it is helpful to find other, clearer views of course.

JG, there’s just something about those ‘50s dresses, so elegant in their way. I do love the details on Merlin’s, one of the few buildings in Fantasyland that did not get the flat “medieval fair” treatment. For some reason I especially love that they added the “dirty” colors to the paint to help sell the illusion that the building was hundreds of years old. That blue-green color is so unusual too, at some point they must have changed it to something a little more conventional. Horses seem to have a pretty remarkable sense of direction, I love the thought of dozing while the horses led the way. It’s like an old version of the Motor Boat Cruise!

Anonymous said...

I think the sign says HEADQUARTERS FOR TRICKS AND NOVELTIES, but of course it's hard to be sure.

Major Pepperidge said...

Anonymous, I think I can make out the word "tricks" (maybe), so... we have a winner!

Sunday Night said...

I vote for "Headquarters for Magic Trick Novelties"