Sunday, December 20, 2020

Snoozers of '63

It's Sunday, the day when sleep-inducing photos are administered under the strict oversight of medical doctors. Please don't operate heavy machinery while viewing these.

Take a look at this bug's eye view of the Matterhorn. You can see the subtle variations in the "granite", as well as the many expansion joints (at least that's what I assume they are) that interlock like a giant puzzle. It's been a harsh winter, so the snow line is lower than normal. I've always gotten a kick out of the little Charlie Brown fir trees on the slopes of the mountain - it would have been easier and cheaper to eliminate them, but somebody (who could it be?) obviously wanted them to be there.

And here's a view of trees. MANY trees. The Indian Chief waves a greeting from the shore, while a few of his tribesmen lurk further up the embankment. At one time there seemed to be about a dozen fellows up there, but over the years the number got smaller - or maybe they were just hidden by all the trees.



"Lou and Sue" said...


Melissa said...

I am the Chief
I wave my hand
To all the folks
At Disneyland
I’ve got some trees
I’ve got a horse
I’d better learn
To use The Force

Babushka of the Year Award!

K. Martinez said...

She wore it with an itsy bitsy teenie weenie purple polka-dot bikini.
That she wore for the fist time today.

Love the shot looking up at Matterhorn with the Alpine chalet roof. A You-Are-There shot. Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

Melissa, pure brilliance! I was going to make a comment about the Chief telling everyone to come back in 56 years for Wookie World, a Disneyland "Future Attraction," but you said it best.....and poetically! :-)

Chuck said...

For some inexplicable reason, I always think if the Matterhorn from the other side. Maybe it's because the lighting is better over there most of the year, or maybe because the "hook" at the top tilts that way, or maybe it's because when I am on this side I'm looking at the load area or at everything else around me and not up at the mountain. Weird. Which suits me perfectly.

Major, you've got me wondering if they rediscovered Chief Wavy's friends when they Alderaaned that corner of the Park.

Nice work, Melissa.

Happy 4th Sunday of Advent, errybody! Today is National Sangria Day and National Go Caroling Day. Celebrate responsibly and wear a mask as you spread Yuletide cheer.
Get ready - Christmas is almost here!

Nanook said...

Oh, Melissa-! Come next September, I believe your time has come to be the next poet laureate-!

Thanks, Major.

Anonymous said...

Chief Wavy's clan was definitely behind him all right. WAY behind! KS

DKoren said...

In that second pic, who's all that hiding in the treeline towards the top? Is the Chief waving to lure unsuspecting guests in before the rest leap in for an ambush?

Major Pepperidge said...

Lou and Sue, that is some crazy babushka!

Melissa, Noooooo! Don’t let Star Wars ruing Frontierland more than it already has.

K. Martinez, ah, those novelty songs of the ‘50s and ‘60s! Greatest songs ever? I’m glad you like photo #1!

TokyoMagic!, I’m glad they saved the Chief, even if they had to move him. Somehow it makes it better just knowing he’s there.

Chuck, it’s kind of true, when I picture the Matterhorn in my mind, the “hook” usually faces to the left. Not sure why though. Maybe because from most of the park that’s how it looks? I don’t even know if that’s true, ha ha. I have the feeling that the “welcoming party” up on the hill was removed long ago, though they might have stayed for a long time, hidden by trees. I guess I’m as ready for Christmas as I’ll ever be, thank goodness. No last-minute shopping for me.

Nanook, I’m surprised that the Poet Laureate appointments have continued, since that seems to be the sort of thing that many people would regard as frivolous. Melissa gets my vote! I was surprised to learn that Maya Angelou was never officially a Poet Laureate.

KS, ha ha, “We’ll just stand back here, but if you need us, we’ll come running!”.

DKoren, considering that the Chief seems to be so friendly, it does seem a bit funny that he has a bunch of warriors hiding in the trees. Just in case! Can’t say I blame him though.

Dean Finder said...

That Matterhorn needs more pink, blue, and gold.

"Lou and Sue" said...

Dean, I’m surprised “they” haven’t “plastered” it with a laser show, yet. At least not that I’m aware of...

JG said...

Beautiful shots of the old Park, Major.

It hurts and it’s wonderful, all at once.

Chief Wavy and his Kings Men. It’s good to be King, but better with backup.

Yes, those are expansion joints in the plaster “rocks”, but ssh don’t spoil it.

Happy holidays, all.