Friday, November 27, 2020

Friday Nov 27

I am still away from home, and will try to respond to comments if possible - but it is trickier. Thanks to my crummy Bluetooth keyboard!

I have two extra-nice photos for you on this Friday! I hope you like them.

First up is this delightful portrait (circa April 1962) of the Tomorrowland Spaceman and the Tomorrowland Space...girl? Not sure what they officially called her. She is very tall, and probably didn't like towering over boys, but you know what? She's OK by me! I like her atomic headgear and silvery cape. The Spaceman seems nice enough, but let's face it, he won't be battling any Metalunans. He probably sells moon parcels (on the dark side, where nobody wants to live). They both pose with a cheerful tour guide who waves at the camera, a contrast in height and color from the spacefolk. 

Next is this March 1973 photo of the Tomorrowland Terrace. I have a number of photos of "The Entertainment Committee" and "The New Establishment", but this might be my only photo featuring "Cement, Gravel, and Rock Co." I hope they have a female singer as per the usual guidelines for Tomorrowland rock bands. To our left is the Rolly Crump-designed ticket booth, and above that, one of those odd white (or very pale yellow?) Skyway gondolas.

Happy Friday, everyone!


TokyoMagic! said...

I wonder if the rings on the Spacewoman's headgear oscillated? I am also wondering if that tour guide believed in ghosts.....skeleton ghosts, specifically.

I love the groovy, multicolored plastic background for the Tomorrowland Terrace stage. I want that on the wall of my living room! I also like that black and white color-blocked top, on the blond lady in the audience. And is she sporting a pre-Chrissy Snow single side pony tail? Or is she just hiding the second one?

Nanook said...

That image of the Space Couple is about as good as it gets. All we need is a Monorail in the shot (and a mermaid), and it would be complete.

Thanks, Major.

Melissa said...

The band uniforms aren’t particularly flattering, but I like how they go with the backdrop. Now I’ve got “Cement, Gravel, and Rock” stuck in my head, to the tune of the refrain of “Shake, Rattle, and Roll.”

JC Shannon said...

Wow, if I had that spaceman outfit in my collection, I would put it on every weekend. I bet spacelady picks up transmissions from nearby missile silos, with her techno quaff. I love the far out and solid and right on outfits the the CG and R are sporting. Another gem for my collection. I wish. Thanks Major.

stu29573 said...

Everybody knows that Space People are taller than Earthlings because of the reduced gravity! Also, the wires coming out of their heads are much like Swiss Army Knives, in that they can be used for many functions (least couth example, toothpick).
I'd love to be jamming out whilst eating lunch to CGR! Of course you have to leave before they start throwing samples of their products at the crowd during the last song. Someone could get hurt!

Chuck said...

That is an interesting color for a Skyway bucket. Eggshell? Ivory? Ecru? Only it's paintdresser knows for sure.

Thanks for the earworm, Melissa.

Jonathan, I have a antenna tiara, but the only signals I pick up are from nearby grain silos.

DrGoat said...

Hope everyone had a day of contentment yesterday. Despite the odds, we had a very relaxing day. Even watched Hazel and Father Knows Best to round out the feeling. Speaking of Hazel, in the Thanksgiving post I missed, that blonde kid on the right with the bib on in the second pic resembles Harold, the Baxter's boy. A lot.
I agree. That is a fine Space Couple pic, spaceman's official regulation watch included. That Space woman looks like she's been to space a few times already that day.
So is the band's name Cement, Gravel and Rocks? Hope so. All of a sudden, I want a Coca-Cola.
Have a great rest of the holiday weekend. Thanks Major, hope you had a good Thanksgiving.

Major Pepperidge said...

TokyoMagaic!, I doubt that the headgear oscillated, but it would be cool if it did! It reminds me of those “perpetual motion” sculptures that you used to see for sale in certain gift shops. I also love the colored acrylic panels behind the musicians. I can’t tell if that lady has another pony tail or not, but she looks very hip and mod.

Nanook, now that I think about it, I haven’t had a photo with the mermaids in the lagoon for a long time. Unless I have just forgotten about some, which is very possible.

Melissa, I don’t mind those uniforms on the musicians, though that look is not something just anyone could pull off. I still don’t know if the bands that performed in Tomorrowland existed outside of Disneyland, or if they were created just for the enjoyment of the guests?

Jonathan, I wonder if any of the space helmets have survived? There were several, we have learned. But Mike Cozart has told us of a fire that destroyed many of the old costumes, so... maybe all the helmets just melted.

Stu29573, I thought they were tall because they ate their Wheaties! Or maybe “Quisp” cereal, with the pink alien. And now I am imagining Swiss Army Knives coming out of the space couple’s heads. Scary! It’s a shame we don’t get live music during the day like we used to. The Jedi Space Academy (or whatever it was called) replaced it.

Chuck, let’s call it “ecru”. My dad always mispronounced it as “ercu”. What kind of corny music do you pick up from the grain silos? Get it? CORNY?!?! GET IT?

DrGoat, funny, we were watching episodes of “The Andy Griffith Show” on Amazon Prime yesterday. Still a great show, we watched the first three episodes. As a kid I would run into “Hazel” on TV, but it wasn’t one of the shows that I watched very often. But I remember the “Hazel” comics from the Saturday Evening Post! I had a very nice Thanksgiving, I hope you and all the other Junior Gorillas did too.

DrGoat said...

The Andy Griffith Show is a must watch around our house. Takes me back for a brief while. Hazel was over the top corny, for sure.

Anonymous said...

Here's another photo of the band performing in Tomorrowland, only without the backdrop. And apparently they did have a "chick singer."

"Lou and Sue" said...

Great shots of Disneyland past - and fun comments to match!

I LOVE The Andy Griffin Show!

Major, I noticed today’s unique post ‘title.’ ;)

Thanks, Major and all!

"Lou and Sue" said...

Griffith (stupid tiny cell phone)