Monday, August 31, 2020

Disneyland's 30th Birthday Parade, Part 3

Oh yaz, oh yaz, it is time for part three in a series of photos featuring the parade from Disneyland's 30th birthday. 1985, you know. These are from Lou and Sue of course!

The "Tomorrowland" portion of the parade is still passing by; as I mentioned the last time, I was kind of thrilled to see the old silver K7 Spaceman costumes (there was more than one in the parade). Most people had no idea that the "K" was a relic of the old Kaiser Aluminum Hall of Fame, the free (sponsored) exhibit that was in Tomorrowland for it's first decade or so.

Notice the float with mermaids and a Nautilus-style submarine (for some reason), as well as the people carrying those kooky wire and foam (?) orreries (models of the solar system).

The Little Pigs have joined some Autopia CMs who wave colorful racing flags.

Lay off the cough syrup, Little Pig. Also, don't be a fool, stay in school.

Lou was snapping photos as fast as he could! Notice the Big Bad Wolf is carrying a sign that says, "PIG STOP", one of the less-seen racetrack signs. There's the band dressed as submarine crew members (ahoy, maties!), and the man carrying his toolbox, I'll bet he spent most of his days repairing the Autopia cars. One is just peeking out from the left!

It really does feel like they got hundreds of employees involved in the parade, which is super fun. As I said before, this does not look like the most expensive and elaborate parade ever produced, but it sure looks like it would evoke a lot of smiles.

Another mechanic, along with his trusty toolbox. Look, a blue Autopia car was in the parade too.

Next is Fantasyland, with some jugglers to add color and motion. Snow White is riding a magnificent white horse, as a princess should. Some folks are wearing those large round badges, I wish I could read what they said. "Lose weight now, ask me how"?

Is Snow White looking right at us?! She's so pretty. Alice and the White Rabbit are behind her, as well as the Queen of Hearts. Looks like Alice is saying hello to a little boy sitting on the curb (is the boy recoiling?). And a pirate ship float with bedspread sails is on its way.

Why, it's Peter Pan and Captain Hook! Maybe Peter is helping Hook with his cravat?

Those two! They just can't get along. In this case I think Peter is being kind of pushy, no wonder Hook is so cranky. I think the pirate ship float is actually being steered like a go-cart. Notice the small speaker on the seat. One of the teapots from the mad tea party (used in other parades) is moving all on its own.

That's it for now! But there are more photos from this parade, coming up! Many thanks to Lou and Sue, as always.


K. Martinez said...

Since we have the K7 Space Man perhaps the Nautilus is a reference to the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Exhibit that was part of the original Tomorrowland.

These parade pics are awesome. I just don't remember it. Thanks, Lou, Sue and Major.

Nanook said...


This is definitely a fun parade. After seeing the Three Little Pigs, I realize what my wardrobe is surely lacking: Pink Hose-! And that's something that might spruce-up the legs of Snow White's steed. Just what happened, there-? It appears to have been romping-around in the mud. Clearly not suited for a princess-!

Thanks to Lou & Sue for sharing more of these fun parade images.


Tomorrowland castmember operational costumes being used in the parade include MOTOR BOAT CRUISE ( really Fantasyland) MONORAIL, DISNEYLAND PARKING LOT -TRAMS, SUBMARINE VOYAGE, and AUTOPIA. There’s also a castmember Tomorrowland Area silver coat .... ( known at the Baked Potato) and I cannot tell what costume we wearing underneath. There also appears to be a Disneyland maintainence uniformed parade cast member!

Melissa said...

The more I see of this parade, the more I love it. I like the whole low-tech, people-centric atmosphere. It seems like the spectators could feel more like a part of the celebration.

Hey, kid in #5, put that traffic cone down!

I know 30 Rock has been off the air for years, but whenever I see the word “Spaceman,” I still hear it as “Spa-CHEM-an.”

Anonymous said...

I really like the un-choreographed feel of this parade! It really feels like a "pickup parade" as they wandered through the lands. Most Disney parades are a bit over choreographed, in my opinion (especially the Christmas parade), but this example just seems joyful! Come on everybody! Be a parade!

Andrew said...

Thanks, Lou and Sue! Only if this parade was before July 17th would it be acceptable to use the "30th year" banners. After that date it would be the 31st year. I'm holding them accountable.

There's a Walt Disney Story poster in pic #5, and in the two before last there's a man on the sidewalk wearing an interesting looking vest.

Major Pepperidge said...

K. Martinez, well shoot, of course I completely forgot about the 20,000 Leagues exhibit! That would explain the classic Nautilus sub in Disneyland.

Nanook, I wonder if the pink hose were supposed to look like bare legs for the Li’l Pigs? I can’t tell if Snow’s horse has dirty legs, or if they just have dark markings. It seems hard to believe that they would let a dirty, muddy horse appear in their parade! But… stuff happens, too.

Mike Cozart, I really love that this parade got EVERYBODY involved. Even the baked potatoes! It must have been fun for some folks who don’t get much recognition, such as the Autopia mechanics.

Melissa, I agree, there have been fancier, more elaborate parades at Disneyland, but this one just looks fun. Almost home-made. “Let’s put on a parade!”. I never watched “30 Rock” (except for bits and pieces here and there), but I kind of wish it was on Netflix (it might be on Hulu, which I don’t have).

Stu29573, I wish I had some solid info on this parade, because it sure seems like hundreds of employees got into the spirit of the thing. Everyone from sweeps to people who worked in the shops to ride operators. Maybe there were some people who weren’t in the parade who felt really left out!

Andrew, don’t forget that Disneyland celebrated it’s 60th anniversary for something like a year and a half. I still wake up in a cold sweat thinking about it! ;-) I think the interesting-looking vest is a very yuppie salmon-colored sweater worn over the shoulders.

Chuck said...

They probably spent more time and money on this than we think. Seriously - how long did it take to teach those Motor Boat Cruise cast members how to play musical instruments?

DrGoat said...

Just a quick thank you, Lou & Sue. These pics are especially special. I had no idea. It looks like so much fun. Pics number 4 and 5 seem to be taken from above normal level. Were you standing on something Lou? Looks like you might have been on some steps. A bit of a banister post in pic 3.
Thanks L&S and Major. Good way to start the Monday.

Melissa said...

Dirty-legged horses are one of those harsh realities like the settler’s cabin.

Maj, one of the recurring minor characters on 30 Rock was the unscrupulous company doctor, Dr. Leo Spaceman. It was spelled “Spaceman” but pronounced “Spa-CHEM-an.”

Anonymous said...

I still remember a clue from a teacher in an 8th grade spelling bee I was in. The word was "Specimen." The sentence was "An Italian astronaut." (insert rim shot)

Anonymous said...

This looks like a fun parade, I am enjoying the comments very much.

Especially glad to see my spirit animal, the Spaceman!

Cheers all!


Major Pepperidge said...

Chuck, you’re probably right, the parade probably did cost more than it seems. Luckily the people chosen to work on the Motor Boat Cruise were all MENSA members who could learn anything in a matter of hours.

DrGoat, I think Lou was standing on the steps of Main Street Station. I would bet that he was using a long lens of some kind too. He was definitely a lot more skilled than a “point and shooter” like me!

Melissa, yes, that was one of the “hard facts” that Walt was talking about. Chapped lips, were another. You know, that 30 Rock sounds like it was wacky!

Stu29573, HEY! As a former Italian astronaut myself, I am very miffed! I was going to joke, “Are there any Italian astronauts?”, but remembered Samantha Cristoforetti who has been to space multiple times and seems like an amazing and brilliant person! She made a bunch of charming videos a few years back when she was on the ISS.

Major Pepperidge said...

JG, I was so happy to see the Spaceman (although there are two of them), I didn't know he was your spirit animal!


Actually that’s exactly what Disneyland did!! They extended the 30th Anniversary celebration into 1986 with the promotion “LOOKS LIKE WE’VE STARTED SOMETHING!”

"Lou and Sue" said...

If Major and all of you Jr. Gorillas were "emceeing" every Disneyland parade - I would've skipped the short lines at the HM and POTC and stayed glued to the sidewalk to watch these parades, for all the laughs!! "Baked potato" - hahahaha!

Why is Mr. Pig (I don't know his name), in Pic #6, sniffing the mechanic's armpit??

In Pics #7 & 8, do you see the "D" on the gentleman in the navy blue and white "prince" outfit? I bet you thought that "D" stands for "Disneyland"? Nope, "Danny Kaye."

I see our sweeper friend is in more pictures, again! He's the most-photographed person of the year!

DrGoat, my dad is probably at the train station waiting area - by the benches, upstairs. He usually parked himself there, about 1 to 2 hours before parades, to get the best seat/view. I recall a couple trips, when I was 11 and 12, when I helped him carry some of his camera stuff all day, and also sat and "held a seat" for him, "babysitting" the equipment (at the train station area, for example). My dad knew I would be extra careful with his equipment, and we had a ton of fun together; helping him was never boring. One year (when I was 11), at the end of our trip, we were in the Emporium and I was "oogling" the fancy dolls that were on top of the "cabinets" behind the cash registers, and my dad asked me which one I liked best. I pointed to a large fancy doll (a Bradley doll with the large painted eyes) with a long, beautiful purple dress, and then we went on our way. That Christmas, that exact doll showed up by the Christmas tree on Christmas morning. I still have it and will NEVER part with it. Too many wonderful memories attached to that doll.

Thanks for all the fun, everyone!


Melissa said...

That is the best Christmas story I’ve heard in a long time.

Major Pepperidge said...

Mike Cozart, somehow I am not surprised! I wonder if that was the first time they did an “extended” anniversary celebration?

Lou and Sue, I’m sure glad that Lou took so many photos of this fun (and mostly undocumented) parade! It’s so much fun. Maybe the mechanic asked the pig, “Is my Ban roll-on still working?”. He may look rough, but he is actually very refined. “Danny Kaye”, eh? I’ll allow it! Wow, I can’t imagine waiting in a spot for 1 or 2 hours to see a parade! That just shows how dedicated Lou was. I know that people will wait many hours for a prime seat to view Fantasmic! 4 or 5 hours. I would lose my mind, it’s just not worth it to me. Clearly it is worth it to them, though, so it’s all good. I love the story of Lou rewarding his good helper (you!) with a beautiful doll, and that you still have it. Very sweet!

Major Pepperidge said...

Melissa, I agree!