Saturday, June 27, 2020

Vintage People (Not the Village People)

We all love looking at old photos of people, at work or at play! Here's a selection for you.

I can't look at this undated photo of a pie eating contest (4th of July?). A classic scene of Americana. I can't view this picture without thinking of "that scene" from "Stand By Me". You know the one I mean (it's pretty gross, don't watch it if you have a weak stomach!).

Here are two ladies at some kind of camping and RV trade show; there are other photos of them looking at various campers and accessories. You might remember the woman on the left from THESE two photos!

And finally, how about a nice group of young ladies in their modest swimming attire? Looks like they are spending the day at a lake. I dunno, maybe it's Ohio? Michigan? Minsk? Come on girls, let's go grill up some hot dogs and then roast some marshmallers. 


K. Martinez said...

I remember that scene from "Stand By Me". It's even more hilarious in Stephen King's novella "The Body" which the film was based on.

Nice pics today. Especially the first one. Thanks, Major.

"Lou and Sue" said...

I love that tall grey feather sticking out of that lady's hat. It almost looks like the feather is wrapped around part of the side of the long, long trailer.

A day at the beach, eating pie, sounds fun! Let's go!

Thanks, Major!

TokyoMagic! said...

That looks like a long, long trailer. And it appears to be listing. I bet it's loaded up with rocks!

TokyoMagic! said...

Oh, Sue! You beat me by two minutes!

"Lou and Sue" said...

TM! We're Major's worst nightmare. :D

Nanook said...

@ TM!-

It simply isn't fair-! Another Lucille Ball reference-? Come, come now-!

Do we still have such 'simple pleasures' as pie eating contests-? And are [were] they an exclusively-American pastime-? Such fun.

Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

I forgot to mention that I have never seen "Stand By Me." However, I remember an "employee night" at Knott's, back in the eighties, when a friend of mine entered a "boysenberry pie-eating contest." He got SO sick to his stomach, that he felt like he had to "take matters into his own hands," if you know what I mean. After he forced himself to, well, you know....the whites of his eyes turned completely red. I'm guessing that what he did, created enough pressure in his body, to make some of the blood vessels in his eyes rupture. It wasn't pretty.

Is that what happens in "Stand By Me"?

Chuck said...

A pie-eating contest! Awesome! I've never seen one in person - just read about the and that scene in Stand By Me. I'd love to see the home movie footage being shot by the fella in the upper left of the frame.

I wonder what the significance of the grey ball caps with the black letter R is?

TM!, no - it's a "complete and total barf-o-rama." Think I may pull out my unwatched, bargain-bin DVD tonight and get reacquainted with a movie I haven't seen in probably 30 years. In fact, I think I've seen The Long, Long Trailer twice since I last saw Stand By Me.

Major Pepperidge said...

K. Martinez, I used to read Stephen King regularly, and definitely read “The Body”, though I think it was just after high school, so… a long time ago!

Lou and Sue, the feather in the hat seems so old-fashioned to me (unless it was a brightly dyed ostrich feather), like she is wearing her mom’s hat.

TokyoMagic!, sigh.

Lou and Sue, sigh, part 2.

Nanook, I remember the days when we only got a Lucy reference once a month. There are still eating contests, but hot dogs seem to be the food that gets all the attention. Watching one of those is pretty gross.

TokyoMagic! “Stand By Me” is a pretty good 80s movie where four friends decide to go on a little road trip (walking) to see a dead body that they’ve heard about. Of course there are adventures along the way, and all the characters learn about themselves and each other. I can’t imagine entering an eating contest of any kind, I would think that it would put me off of whatever food it was for the rest of my life. There used to be a show, “Man Vs Food” where a guy would gorge hiimself on a 10 pound steak (or whatever), it was revolting.

Chuck, whenever I see pictures of a pie eating contest, it looks like some very thin kind of pie, like shoo-fly, or a very measly berry pie. Seems like it would be more fun to get a nice thick slab of something so that the mess would be extra crazy. No idea what is up with the grey caps with the letter “R”. “Rebel”? We all know the South wore baseball caps in much of the Civil War.

Omnispace said...

Nice Summer photos, Major. Nothing like pie eating contests, camping, and days on the lake shore! I love the mysterious arm reaching out to the hesitant looking kid in the first photo. It's either being offered in reassurance, or one of those "Get in there and do it!" moments. It looks like chocolate creme pie so I wouldn't mind joining in.

Stand By Me is a must-see movie - a bit of a watershed moment, not only within the story but also for many of those involved in it.

JC Shannon said...

I remember Major, it's Svetlana, the sultry Russian agent. Now she is "investigating decadent American Recreational vehicle." She is certain they can be made out of cement. Boris, her contact is the one snapping the photo. They are going to call it Long Long Trailerski. Pie anyone? Thanks Major.

Melissa said...

It looks for all the world like those kids just fell asleep over dessert.

Those bathing beauties can’t be from Minsk; they haven’t got a single babushka between them.

TokyoMagic! said...

Omnispace, ha, ha! I noticed that arm! The kid looks as though he might be saying, "No more!" And for some reason, I hear him saying that in a "Carol Ann from Poltergeist" voice. You know, the way she says it when the closet door in the bedroom opens up for the second time.

Anonymous said...

Major, these are always so much fun. Thanks for posting them, even though they seem simple and even off-topic, there is so much to see in the details.