Tuesday, January 07, 2020

More From 1937Fan

It's time for more great photos, generously shared with us by "1937Fan"; they were taken by her Aunt during a 1964 trip to Disneyland.

And there she is! 1937Fan's Aunt; she looks like a nice lady. She's admiring woven handbags, hats, knit scarves on display in Adventureland. Auntie is looking for the barrel full of rubber snakes. Is the derpy kid related? Maybe 1937Fan will let us know!

Nearby is the magnificent Swiss Family Treehouse. When they're not home they rent it out as an airbnb (the word "airy" is used in the ad a LOT). I miss those red leaves.

And keeping with the Adventureland theme, here's a jungle launch returning from it's week-long journey through the dark rain forests. When they left there were 30 people on board, now there are only 26. Don't ask! As we learned in "Apocalypse Now", NEVER GET OUT OF THE BOAT.

Many thanks to 1937Fan!


Nanook said...

Yea for red leaves-! (And don't go giving Disney any ideas in regards to an airbnb - they just might take you up on it...)

Thanks to 1937Fan.

TokyoMagic! said...

I love all of the photos we have seen so far, from 1937Fan. (Even without that extra special connection for me, to the day they were taken!)

I also miss the red leaves! And the waterwheel! And everything else that tied the treehouse to the Robinson Family!

I've never seen Apocalypse Now. Thanks a lot for the spoiler, Major! ;-)

TokyoMagic! said...

P.S. Thanks again, 1937Fan, for sharing with us!

Andrew said...

Speaking of Airbnbs, I was surprised to learn recently that Disney sculptor Blaine Gibson's former studio is now one. Thanks to 1937Fan!

K. Martinez said...

I love red vinyl leaves. They're the finest in Disney nature.

Thanks 1937Fan for the pics and thanks Major for the humor.

zach said...

Yup, thanks 1937Fan and the Major. Gosh, I wish I had the Brownie 8mm movies we filmed at DL in the 50s. Alas, they are lost to many moves and 4 kids and we just lost track of them. Thank you to 1937Fan for saving these and sharing them.


JC Shannon said...

I love the smell of the Jungle Cruise in the morning. Smells like original Disney. Sorry, but someone had to say it. Three great shots. I miss the red leaves as well. Thanks to 1937Fan and Major P.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, after that Tarzan’s Treehouse incident (with the broken plank on the bridge), they will close the attraction but make it a place for VIPs. In fact they should do that with the whole park!

TokyoMagic!, I’ll bet that 1937Fan’s aunt knew - somehow - that on that day a baby was born who would one day say that “They ruin everything”!! But who would enjoy MeTV. I think the Treehouse is due for a new redo, but there are so many IPs to choose from. How do they decide? You should watch Apocalypse Now, I still vividly remember seeing it in the theater with my friend Kevin. I had NO idea what the movie was about, but was blown away, it’s still one of my favorite movies.

Andrew, what a weird thing. “Stay in Blaine Gibson’s Sedona studio!”. It looks nice enough, but… like I said, weird.

K. Martinez, Kim Irvine says those leaves should be a combination of ultramarine blue and purple.

dzacher, I wish you had those movies too! I’d hate to think that they just got tossed in the trash, ouch. If they were from the 50’s, there wouldn’t be any Swiss Family Treehouse though, that opened in ’62.

Jonathan, “Moochie don’t surf!”. I wonder why the red leaves were eventually replaced with plain old green ones?

DrGoat said...

Red leaves, waterwheel and everything else. I can stll hear Swisskapolka when I look at that pic.
I brought home several rubber shrunken heads from the Adventureland Bazaar. When brought back to Tucson, they lasted a few years before looking like a genuine shrunken head, unless kept indoors.
I got out of the boat a couple of times in my youth, but luckily the tiger didn't get me.
Thanks Major and 1937Fan. Lovely family.
PS Blaine's place does look cool, but yeah, it would be a bit weird.

Irene said...

Great pictures! I am especially taken with that first shot because I remember that place vividly! It was one of my favorite places to shop. I was in High School at that time and straw bags in the summer to take to the beach were very popular!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to 1937Fan and her aunt for ensuring these photos came down to us.

Dzacher, condolences on the loss of those films. Sad to hear.

I always wanted a rubber snake from the barrel, and Mom wouldn't let me get one. She was terrified that there were real snakes in the thatch roof over the JC queue.

A Kim Irvine-directed treehouse? "...the horror..."


Matthew said...

Thank you 1937Fan! Since we happen to be in my old "neighborhood" allow me to point out a few items. First up, The Swiss Family Treehouse photo... I too miss the waterwheel... the best darn thing about the Treehouse in my opinion. Guests would stand outside wondering where those buckets went to... until they couldn't stand it no more and come through the turnstile to see for themselves. Great piece of Imagineering. Visible in the right corner is of course the Dominguez Palm Tree.

Speaking of Dominguez, we can see the "Rear Switch" on the third photo. It is that pole sticking up in the center of the dock. The rear switch would allow you to take boats out of boat storage (one of the grass woven and bamboo supported doors is visible just beyond the net, left of the boat). And to the right of the "Rear Switch" you can see a fake wood pylon... where the "Dominguez Switch" was located. This switch would allow you to take boats off the spur line and back them up to Trader Sam... or in a few cases... thrown to make the Skipper take a second trip without stopping at the dock (as long as the "Front Switch" was thrown to the spur side). This was a prank pulled on Darren Ramsey by none other than our friend Larry Kaml. Both the Jungle Cruise and the Mine Train Thru Nature's Wonderland had a "Dominguez Switch."

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

Matthew said...

Whoops... make that Dominguez Palm in the left corner of the photo.

Always your pal,

"Lou and Sue" said...

Matthew, thank you for sharing about your past Jungle Cruise experiences - I LOVE to hear the funny stories! Searching the internet for funny JC skipper stories is how I stumbled upon this blog.

We have one of those Disney rubber snakes in my husband's basement-workshop area, along with other crazy "toys" that he had to buy, over the years, while on vacation (rubber shark, tarantula, etc.).

Irene, I loved that shop, too! Always went in there with my mom . . . wonderful memories.

Thanks, 1937Fan and Major!


Major Pepperidge said...

DrGoat, I’m unclear about whether there is some actual ficus tree that has red leaves like the Disneyland treehouse. Sure, I could Google it, but there’s cartoons to watch. Shrunken heads are the best! I used to have one, and for some reason I pulled out most of the hair (I was a weird little kid). I wish I had more of them. Somebody put a great photo of a display of shrunken heads at Disneyland on Facebook or some similar place.

Irene, I wonder how much one of those straw bags cost back then? All hand woven I’m sure. A few years ago I went to Olvera Street hoping to find an inexpensive Mexican blanket for picnics, and they were too pricey.

JG, there’s more to come from 1937Fan, two small batches just for us. We didn’t get any rubber snakes, but we did have cork “pop guns” from Frontierland.

Matthew, I sure love hearing these castmember stories! The Treehouse sounds like a pretty nice place to be, with the sound of water, and the shade. Maybe the “Swisskapolka” would get a little old, but perhaps you managed to tune it out after a while. Thanks for all of the info about the “Dominguez Switches”, very interesting, and I would have never known about them at all. And I’m always happy to see the good old Dominguez Palm.

Lou and Sue, interesting that you found GDB by searching out Jungle Cruise stories! Ha ha, I love that your husband still can’t resist a quality rubber animal, it sounds like you picked a winner (and I mean that sincerely)!

Melissa said...

My sister was watching a documentary on the history of shrunken heads yesterday, and all I could think of was the great deal you can get on them from the guy at the end of the Jungle Cruise.

1937 Fan said...

No, my Aunt did not know that kiddo. She did remember buying a spear for her little brother back home and walking right on the plane with it. Can you imagine now?