Sunday, July 14, 2019

Friendly Indian Village, September 1966

I can't claim that today's photos are very exciting - I probably have hundreds of photos of the Friendly Indian Village that used to be seen along the northern shore of the Rivers of America. But they have gained a little bit of extra interest, since this entire area was absorbed into "Galaxy's Edge", with the river and the train tracks rerouted. You know the story!

Watch out for those rocks, they've ripped the hulls out of many a boat.

I have to admit that this is a pretty nice shot of the Friendly Indian Village, you can see some of the painted decorations on the teepees, Shiny Boy keeps watch on his upturned canoe (with his faithful pooch "DumDum") and all of the Indians are performing various tasks necessary for the comfort - nay, survival! - of the tribe.


Nanook said...


I can't help but thinking that somehow there's a Wookie, or two, hiding inside one of those tepee's.

Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

I believe that the inner workings of Shiny Boy's dog have been re-purposed and are now inside of a new animatronic R2-D2. And all of those tribe members have now been converted into Stormtroopers, with the exception of the man standing behind Shiny Boy. He has been converted into a Darth Vader animatronic, and greets guests at the entrance to the new land, by smiling and waving to everyone who passes by.

Nanook said...

@ TM!-

If only thus be true-!

K. Martinez said...

Where are the pics of the "Unfriendly Indian Village" That's what I want to see. The hard facts that created America! The massacres, the gutted settlers, blood flowing through the river. That kind of stuff.

When I think about it, I wouldn't mind an A.A. of Pink Princess Vader on the scene. That would definitely be a welcome addition. Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

Nanook, it IS true! At my mind, it's true!

Ken, Pink Princess Vader & Shiny Boy: A Love Story.

Andrew said...

But wasn't there an unfriendly Indian village? It's on my Fun Map, so the concept was there, at least.

It would be too easy to convert these figures into Stormtroopers - just paint them white with black outlines, stick a helmet on 'em, and boom! The more complex shaman animatronic would obviously become Darth Sidious.

stu29573 said...

"The hard facts that created America" now include giving a nod to the Dark Side, I guess. I've never liked Wookies with my Mickeys and I like Marvel even less. At 56, I'm not exactly their target demographic, though. Although they might do well to consider us old timers. We have a LOT more disposable income than Millennials...and grandkids!

Melissa said...

If those Indians are so damn friendly, why don't they do something about the dangerous rocks?

Major Pepperidge said...


TokyoMagic!, now that you mention it, I am sure I have read the same thing in the National Enquirer. Soon we will all be dressed like R2-D2. Boop beep.

Nanook, Nostradamus said so.

K. Martinez, as a kid I appreciated the less-saccharine features of Frontierland. There’s not many (or any?) of those left. A pink Darth Vader in Frontierland? I’m not against it, but where would he go?

TokyoMagic!, this entire blog exists entirely in your mind.

Penna. Andrew, is there really an “unfriendly Indian village” on the fun maps? Now I have to go check. (Check maps…). Oh yeah! There it is, on the northern part of TSI. Please don’t give Disney any ideas about adding even more Star Wars to the park!

stu29573, the thing is, I like Star Wars up to a point, and have had fun with the Marvel movies. But, even if Disney technically owns them, they aren’t “Disney” to me. I’m sure that my age has a lot to do with that.

Melissa, the rocks belong there!

Nanook said...


And, I'm certain my age has something to do with it, too - but I feel the same as you about Star Wars and Marvel. I'm afraid the name of Disney nowadays merely refers to the ├╝ber-gigantic, multi-national, publicly-held, [very successful] corporation. 'It' now has many tiers of corporate identity. I was just discussing the Spielberg produced/directed remake of West Side Story, and wouldn't you know - IT has a Disney connection (distribution) - presumably through their new ownership of 2oth Century Fox - who is listed as a co-production company, along with MGM and Amblin.

I know just what you're thinking now... You can’t wait for the synergy to launch full-force... now the Disney theme parks can do their take on a ‘slummy’ NYC neighborhood, circa 1950’s, as “inspiration” for a new ‘themed land’. It’s ALL about IP - otherwise no one cares. If nothing else - I can’t think of a better fit for their numerous parades-! (The Jets & Sharks can ‘stage a battle royale’ while dancing down Main Street, U.S.A.-! Where can I buy my plush-??)

JC Shannon said...

I am late to the party. Love the comments. Anything that eats into the ROA experience is a shame. I always loved the fact that Walt and the Imagineers built a river in thew middle of Anaheim. Can't get enough of the old river photos. Keep 'em coming Major, and thanks.