Thursday, December 13, 2018

Two From August 1967

Today's pair of scans are pretty nice, being from the camera of Fun Dad, whose reputation has soared in recent months - his photographs now rival such legends as Yousuf Karsh, Alfred Eisenstaedt, Margaret Bourke-White, Henri Cartier-Bresson, and Diane Arbus. Maybe even Weegee! 

We'll start with this nice shot of Main Street USA, standing at the point where streetcars can pass, looking south toward the train station. How many American flags can you count? With the exception of a few jaywalkers, guests pretty much stay on the sidewalks, because nothing would be more embarrassing than being run over by a horse-drawn surrey. 

Charles Bronson (I'd recognize him anywhere, even in that hat!) strides across the street like a man with a purpose. And a pretty young lady heads in the other direction, probably hoping to buy something nice in the Hallmark store. I recommend purchasing an entire set of Hallmark postcards featuring beautiful shots of the park.

Turning north, we now face Sleeping Beauty Castle. The man with the plaid shirt is wearing the very latest fashions, straight from Milan. Marcello Mastroianni wore the exact same thing! I'm guessing that none other than Ethel Merman is the lady in the pink crop-top. So many celebrities. The castle looks great, with the Disney family crest in place now (when was it added?), and the ivy thriving.


TokyoMagic! said...

Major, I think the lady in the pink crop top is actually Lieutenant Hurwitz. He just THINKS that he's Ethel Merman. Severe shell-shock, you know.

Nanook said...


That Charles Bronson look-alike seems very-much into his cigarette at this very moment. And the man with the plaid shirt has really set-off his outfit with those socks. Talk about 'wowing the folks' on the runways at the Milan Fashion Week-! (I do think the pink, crop-top gal is a bit too svelte for Miss. Ethel; but perhaps if she's willing to belt out a song, or two...)

@ TM!-
An Airplane! reference. Only the best-!

Thanks, Major.

Chuck said...

The kid behind the Man With the Plaid Shirt is holding a ticket book. I wonder how many tickets were left in it by this point in the early afternoon?

Major Pepperidge said...

TokyoMagic!, I didn’t get the “Lieutenant Hurwitz” reference, but I see that Nanook did! I haven’t seen “Airplane” in probably at least 15 years.

Nanook, I think most smokers are into their cigarettes, based on being around family members who smoke! It’s funny, when I held slide #2 up to the light, I thought plaid-shirt guy was carrying a baby. It was only after I scanned it that I realized that the “baby” was a grown man, behind him!

Chuck, that guy probably only has a few “A” and “B” tickets left - that’s why he’s on Main Street, where you can use those up on the vehicle. He’ll be home by 4 o’clock, having done every ride in the park!

zach said...

I think Ethel's friend sat in something.

These scenes are everyday life in early DL that we took for granted. Thanks, Major, for the daily looks into the past.


JC Shannon said...

In the second pic, I have to own that hat, wonder where he got it? And the guy, who kinda looks like Bert Lahr, has a checked shirt to die for. I am so jealous. Charles Bronson also has a hat that I covet, and those high wader pants, perfect. With all this haute coture, I am feeling frumpy. I am headed to Walmart for a Christmas sweater and a pair of Donald Duck slippers! Thanks Major.

Anonymous said...

Only the Best Pictures from Fun Dad.

I feel kind of sad viewing his work, his kids are about my age and I wonder what has come about that they don't have their family albums.

Thanks Major.


Matthew said...

I love it when Guests acted like Main Street was a real street... by walking on the sidewalks.

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

Melissa said...

By the look of his hat, I'd say Ethel is stepping out with Bing Crosby.

Dean Finder said...

Ironically, walking in the street would be accurate to the turn-of-the-century era of Main Street. It wasn't until cars became common that people were expected to be only on the sidewalks.