Thursday, June 21, 2018

Previously Rejected!

Here are three more scans of slides that I'd previously rejected for various reasons. For instance, the stars were not aligned favorably. But now that Mars is in retrograde (?), I am free to post these without fear of bad luck.

First up is this murky (thanks, Anscochrome), undated photo of the Plaza Pavillion. I don't have a lot of photos of this ornate, gingerbread-festooned restaurant, so it's nice to see in spite of the gloom. My favorite detail is the man who showed up in his pajamas (baby-blue!) and slippers. "Wha? How did I get here? All the other kids are going to laugh at me!". The joke's on him - there's a big test today (the results of which will go on his PERMANENT RECORD) and he didn't study at all.

Next is this exciting photo of a deadly mallard duck, enjoying a swim in the Rivers of America. He should hang on to that empty popcorn box, nice examples can sell for $90 and up on eBay!

This next one is from 1958; it was another slide that had turned red and horrible, but Photoshop did a pretty good job of restoring it. Greens are hard to recapture, and for some reason this one has good greens. I'm so proud, there are tears running down my cheeks as I type this sentence.

I hope you found today's previously-rejected slides to be worthy!


Nanook said...


I'm afraid your friend in the first image who you identified as finding himself in the middle of a bad dream, wearing nothing but pajamas and slippers, is really wearing a light blue, lightweight cotton jacket and matching pants. I believe my dad had just such an outfit. However - he does appear to be sock-less. Now THAT is a big deal-!!

Evidently your 'tears of green-restoration joy' are also being shared by the gal on the bridge in the red dress, as she appears to be honoring your great achievements in color by sporting a tiara-??!! (I know I'm wearing mine for just such a celebration-!) It IS quite a wonderful image of the 'ol tried-and-true SBC.

Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

I like all three of these pics, but my favorite is the first one. What is the lady to the right of "pajama guy" wearing on top of her head? Is it a fascinator? And is she looking at the Plaza Pavilion through opera glasses?

Also, I think I can see the clown from It hiding behind your watermark.

Chuck said...

That first photo has all sorts of curiosities in it. Just to the left and behind the lady with the opera glasses there is a headless woman wearing a red blouse and a white skirt.

The guy in the white t-shirt in the third photo appears to be taking a photo of the castle with a twin-lens reflex camera with a look-down viewfinder. Either that or he was unable to find a restroom.

Thanks for bringing up Pennywise, TM. I won't be sleeping tonight.

K. Martinez said...

You'll float down here. We all float down here. Yes, we do!

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.

Love the shot of Sleeping Beauty Castle. Beautiful coloring. Thanks, Major.

Melissa said...

I don't believe Mr. Blue is sockless; if you compare the color of his ears and ankles, the ankles are significantly lighter.

Donald's cousin does seem to be making a beeline for the popcorn box, doesn't he? I wonder if he's used to guests throwing him a few kernels. Last time I was at the Magic Kingdom, a similar fowl hung around my feet while I was eating a funnel cake, scrounging for crumbs.

stu29573 said...

PJ man is actually wearing scrubs. He was in the middle of a heart procedure when suddenly Disneyland sounded much more fun! You gotta do what you gotta do!

Melissa, it was probably the SAME DUCK! A bit of trivia, special preservatives in the popcorn make the ducks immortal.It's true!!!

Nothing much happening in the castle pic, except the "attack shrubs" are about to pounce on those poor, poor people. It won't be pretty.

Great shots today!

Stefano said...

Lord love a duck, but that is a handsome mallard. His face is green velvet, his left wing an Art Deco architecture. There was probably a casting department to ensure the very best duck, to swim near the park's viaducts.

JC Shannon said...

I remember those oufits in the 50s, our neighbor on Lamaida St. had one and one of the pilots on Whirleybirds wore one on TV. They were the cool casual oufits for men of the time. I love the Duck photo, but can anyone tell what the tower looking shadow is? I think the woman in the red dress is belting out her version of "Mister Sandman" to the delight of all around her. Thanks to Major for the scans.

Tom said...

PERMANENT RECORD... Ha, I read that in Mrs. Puff's voice.

The shot with the castle is just so pretty - how could anyone feel anything other than utter bliss while looking at that scene? Thank you for sharing and for restoring its colorific glory.

Nanook said...

@ TM!-
I like fascinator. Let's go with that one - in spite of it looking fairly awful-!

@ JC Shannon-
That "tower" would be one type of pole lantern surrounding the RoA. This style can be seen HERE (Thank you Daveland-!)

JC Shannon said...

Thank you Nanook! That was driving me crazy!

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I didn’t really think that the guy was wearing jammies! So much for my attempt at humor. As for wearing a tiara, they are suitable for all occasions.

TokyoMagic!, you are fascinated, so I guess it is a fascinator! She might just be smoking a cigarette, but I see how it looks like she is holding opera glasses. Do they still have storm drains like that at Disneyland?

Chuck, you know when people say, “If my head wasn’t attached, I’d lose it”? Well, that’s what happened to that woman. I like the idea of that guy using a cool Rolieflex (or something like it), but he might just be checking to see how many exposures he has left.

K. Martinez, is it a million dollar duck?

Melissa, I guarantee that the mallard was full of popcorn and fritos! In a way you’d think that Disneyland would have way more freeloading waterfowl, I wonder if they do anything to limit the numbers?

stu29573, I thought maybe it was Hugh Hefner. He liked to wear pajamas ALL the time. Immortal ducks and attack shrubs… more items to add to my list of “things to worry about”.

Stefano, ever since I had to draw a picture of a mallard duck in grade school, I feel friendly toward them. And they aren’t endangered, that’s for darn sure!

Jonathan, I don’t remember “Whirlybirds” - in fact I don’t remember even reading about it! The “tower” shadow is a lamp post. That lady in the red dress appears to be looking right at our photographer - it’s been a while since I scanned and restored this slide, but I think there are other photos with that same woman.

Tom, I mostly loved how teachers and school administrators would try to terrorize kids with the thought of a “permanent record”. Who thought of that one? It’s kind of ingenious.

Melissa said...

"In a way you’d think that Disneyland would have way more freeloading waterfowl, I wonder if they do anything to limit the numbers?"

If that feral cat colony is still there, it could be a factor!

TokyoMagic! said...

Melissa, that...and the delicious fried "chicken" dinners at the Plaza Inn.

Anonymous said...

Lots of cats on the property. I saw several on my last trip.

Great shots, Major. Can't imagine how these got passed over, especially the castle pic. I like the ones taken at the side angles, more three-dimensional. I never get tired of the castle. Someday they will tear it down and replace it with something from Tatooine.

I'm actually kind of surprised they haven't had a Princess Leia Meet-N-Greet. Bet that is planned for Ewok Land.


Nanook said...

@ TM!-

The food at Disney parks has always been overrated; now I know why-!!

MRaymond said...

Don’t be fooled, Disney makes the best animatronic ducks. They look so real.

Nancy said...

Plaza Pavilion (cant recall what the name was in 2001) was the first place we ever ate at Disneyland. I love the decor inside :)