Friday, October 06, 2017

Kal Kan, September 1973

I have two fun photos for you today, featuring views of the area just outside the gates of Disneyland. Not the usual stuff, for sure! 

Let's start with this first view, a picture taken just east of the ticket booths (facing east also). The Kal Kan Kennel Club is to our left; I used to dress up like a dog and stay there.  True story! What a value - a can of Kal Kan dog food was included in my stay, and let me tell you, that was worth the price all by itself. So meaty, and no by-products.

Right in front of us is a small grassy area, perhaps a place for nice doggies to do their business, though maybe not. There's no tell-tale fire hydrants, after all (though there used to be a hydrant right in front of the kennel). I love the orange and yellow flowers, so appropriate for the 70's. If only that grass was brown shag carpet instead. An empty tram is to the right, as is the red Monorail (which is probably not empty). Look at all those gas-guzzling cars! LOOK AT THEM!! Thank you.

I see some white things with peaked roofs (?) in the distance, any idea what those are? Have the Melithorians finally landed to bring their message of peace and harmony?

There is our 70's mom with her amazing blond beehive hairdo (red sweater), checking out the accommodations. If you squint up your eyes real good, you can see kennels of various sizes through the glass. Will they take my pet tardigrade? To the right is a window where you would (presumably) go to have your kitty, pooch, or grandmother checked in. Notice the cast members in glorious orange and yellow!


Nanook said...



Melissa said...

The grass looks more like brown shag carpet AFTER the nice doggies have concluded their business.

I looked directly at the trousers on the young pair on the left, instead of through a pinhole in a cardboard box like a sensible person.

DrGoat said...

Good ole Kal Kan. Always a notch above Alpo.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, it’s amazing, you have almost no accent.

Melissa, I don’t understand what you mean about the carpet. Please explain. The more detail, the better. ;-) Meanwhile, those pants are amazing.

DrGoat, the fact that Lorne Green did Alpo commercials gives them a slight advantage.

Anonymous said...

Fun stuff, Major is on a roll today.

This is an odd subject for vacation photos. Were there any pics of the family with their dog?


Anonymous said...

The kennel was good duty and part of the Parking Lot crew would staff it. Thus the costumes worn were those of the PL. I always liked this section of the entrance as it was colorful. The kennel was kept very clean and the pets were as well cared for as possible. And the fee was very reasonable. I remember when it was 25 cents including that can of food. But for 1973, I just don't recall. Perhaps 75 cents is my guess. That first shot is a perspective that I appreciate being a cast member of the time. I can hear that monorail going by right now. KS

Nanook said...


I'm a certified graduate of Berlitz. Woof-woof-!!

Melissa said...

Their curriculum is ruff.

Dean Finder said...

Dr. Goat,
I haven't bought Alpo since I fed my dog Budweiser and tried to drink a can of Alpo. Ed McMahon was way too effective as a pitchman on Carson.

Connie Moreno said...

I always wanted to take my dog there, just so I could say that I did.