Friday, September 22, 2017

Chemical Wagon & Omnibus, June 1958

I recently scanned a small group of slides dated "June 1958"; as with most batches, they were mostly unexceptional. But this photo of the Chemical Wagon is a real beauty! Thanks to a clear sunny day, and Kodachrome film, the color is gorgeous. The sky is the bluest blue, and that red wagon just "pops".

Off to the left is the Monsanto house, while the Moonliner's nose can just be seen through the trees.

Here's a nice closeup for you. I wonder if the men who worked on this attraction had unique hat badges, much like the cast members who worked various positions on the Disneyland Railroad ("Brakeman", "Fireman", etc) did?

As usual, I like seeing a fruiting orange tree inside the park - presumably from the original grove from which Disneyland was carved.

Oh man, the photographer didn't have a steady hand when this photo was taken; otherwise it would be another "A+" effort. Note the sign on the side of the Omnibus advertising the brand-new Grand Canyon Diorama ("Largest in the World") - still one of my favorite things at the park.


Nanook said...


As you said - that first image really looks special. Of particular note is the "gal" in the pink, sleeveless number and wonderful hat, with her 'manly' right arm. (Perhaps she developed those muscles from grabbing at all those oranges-?)

Thanks, Major.

K. Martinez said...

Agree with all on the The Chemical Wagon image. What a beautiful vehicle and photo. While it doesn't run anymore at least it's still at the park for viewing in the Firehouse.

I like the second photo too. It looks like the Omnibus is leaving the Central Plaza for its trip around Holiday Hill. Nice set featuring two of the Main Street vehicles. They truly add to the atmosphere of Main Street, U.S.A. Thanks, Major.

Steve DeGaetano said...

Major, the firemen did indeed have hat badges, shaped exactly as the DRR conductor badges. I have a photo of the driver of the Main Street Fire Truck in an old "E Ticket" magazine--unfortunately, it's completely unreadable! (The badge, not the magazine)

Anonymous said...

Major, these are fun. I have seen signs for the Chemical Wagon stop in the hub in old photos, but I don't recall ever seeing the wagon or riding it as a kid.

Ken, thanks for the info that this vehicle is the one parked in the Firehouse. It makes sense, and now I know I have seen it (on a recent trip) but somehow I never connected the dots.

I always thought of the fire truck as the smaller vehicle, which might still be running, and was not sure what the vehicle in the Firehouse was. I will definitely look more closely next time.


Major Pepperidge said...

Gosh, where is everybody? Is it still Rosh Hashanah?

Nanook, maybe that lady walked around with a rolling pin in her right hand, the better to clobber her no-good husband with!

K. Martinez, good observation about the Omnibus’s trip around Holiday Hill, it never occurred to me! Very cool.

Steve DeGaetano, I know that the firemen had their own badges, but I’ve always wondered about the other cast members who wore similar hats with badges on them. They unique badges must have existed at some time, no? Imagine finding one from the Fire Truck.

JG, you must have seen photos of this wagon if you haunt this blog, or Daveland or Matterhorn1959’s page! But I admit that it can be hard to remember all of the many things at the park. Notice that this photo shows the “Chemical Wagon”, and not the Fire Truck, in case there was any confusion.

Melissa said...

I saw an ad today that said items from Harper Goff 's estate, including his fancy banjo from The Firehouse Five + 2, will be included in the next TCM/Bonham’s auction on November 21 in New York City. His niece was in the ad, saying, “Harper Goff may not be a household name,” to which I sat up and said, “Well, it is in MY household!”