Monday, February 13, 2017

Last Pics From DrGoat!

Today I am sharing the last of the wonderful photo scans that DrGoat (aka Peter) has been sharing with us for the past few weeks. But... there may be more, so cross your fingers!

First up is the only Knott's Berry Farm image (circa 1916) that was in the bunch; it shows three cads getting fresh with Marilyn and Cecilia (or is it "Nell" and "Bell"??). Peter's father Aldo is to our left, he likes Marilyn! Young Peter sits on Cecilia's lap, with his Uncle Charles as his wingman. Uncle Charles is the fellow who painted the illustrations in the "Dr. Goat" book.  Peter thinks that his socks might have sported the likeness of Huckleberry Hound, or maybe Quickdraw McGraw, or even Rocky and Bullwinkle. You can't go wrong with any of those choices.

What a great photo!

Peter says: The second pic is 1960. Must be somewhere near the Monsanto House of the Future. I'm sure a few of you know of the exact location of that pic. The girl in purple was Caroline, I believe. One of the neighbor kids my parents would occasionally invite along on the summer trip to Disneyland. I do have memories of some really good times on that trip. We (my sister, myself, and whomever was along) rode in the back of my parents '58 Chevy Nomad station wagon. I always had a pile of comics to read when I got bored staring out of the back, but we usually played games in between naps. (As Peter guessed, this area was behind the Monsanto House of the Future). 

This might be my second favorite photo of the whole bunch, right behind the family aboard the Omnibus.

And finally, here's a nice photo of the Disneyland Band, gathered 'round the flagpole in Town Square. Peter thinks this might be from 1967 - I wasn't sure if bandleader Vesey Walker was still at the park in '67, but I was surprised to learn that he did not retire until 1970.

MANY THANKS to Peter for sharing his personal photos! They are great.

I would like to encourage any GDB readers to consider sharing your own family photos. Don't be shy! I know that some folks don't think that their pictures are "good enough" - but I'll bet they are more than good enough!


K. Martinez said...

Peter, Thanks so much for sharing your personal family photos with us. I've really enjoyed them. If there's more that would be really wonderful! You look like a really happy kid in the Knott's pic. It's also great see a pic of your Uncle Charles the illustrator. These photos look like some great memories!

Thanks again for sharing.

Nanook said...


All I can say about the first image is: Hubba, Hubba-!! And for he second: More purple plumage - especially when offset with orange and yellow-! (Natalie Kalmus would be proud). And good 'ol Vesey, often seen standing in a circle with his bandmates. We also get a nice view of the flagpole base, which we know was re-purposed from former light pole bases used in the West Adams district of L.A. beginning in the late teens.

Thanks, Peter.

DrGoat said...

K. & Nanook,
Thanks for enjoying and lending your informative eyes to the pics. Learned a few things and got a big kick from seeing them somewhere other that the box they resided in for so many years.
A big thanks to Major creating this site for us all to enjoy. Ancient history can be fun!
PS Caroline did love that hat. She kept it for many years.

MRaymond said...

Thanks for sharing. I have a picture of my mom at Knott's, with the prospectors. According to Dad, it predates me, so it would be from the 50s. How long has Knott's had those characters?

Anonymous said...

@Dr. Goat, Peter, thanks so much for sharing these pictures. What a lot of fun we all had at Disneyland!

@MRaymond, I don't know when those figures were put out, but I have (or had) pics of my Dad and myself with the prospectors. I suspect the saloon girls here were too racy for my Mom, (she was upset by Goldie's leg at the hotel). Peter's Dad and uncle seem to be enjoying themselves, though. Are those figures still in place?

@Major, I have vague memories of those odd sculpture seats, especially the "giraffes", but can't recall from where. I think that these might have been commercial items that appeared in other places than just Disneyland.

Just splendid stuff to start the week.


Anonymous said...

Wow! If the first picture of Knott's is really circa 1916, then it is definitely
the earliest photo I have ever seen of the place.... ; )
Also DrGoat (aka Peter) is much older than we realized...


Major Pepperidge said...

Most of the comments are directed (appropriately) at Peter, but JG, I think you might be right about those amorphous concrete seats - they might have been available for purchase.

DW, I TOLD you today's photos were special! In particular that rare 1916 photo from Knott's! ;-)

Unknown said...

I don't think I ever saw Vesey Walker leading the band at the Park. I sure scrutinized the pictures of him in the guidebooks, though. Thanks, Doc, for the shares!

DrGoat said...

Anon, Yep, we did have a lot of fun. Sometimes I think we grew up in the best of times.
Patrick, my complete pleasure.
I also just noticed for the first time that my Dad and I have the same shoes on. Also I have to add those socks might be Cub Scout socks. Cub Scouts were kind of fun. Boy Scouts not so much. I think I lasted about a year. Too many rules.