Sunday, July 24, 2016

Two "Meh" Photos, September 1972

I kind of lied in the title of this post. That's right, I am a dirty liar! Because this first photo rates so low on the "Meh Scale" (invented by Dr. Heinrich Meh in 1903) that it doesn't even qualify. I love love love those orange fiberglass Skyway buckets; and that Matterhorn mountain ain't bad either.

There is something exuberant about the busy graphic look of the "it's a small world" fa├žade. Wouldn't it be cool to build an accurate scale model of this massive structure? If only I wasn't so lazy, I'd make it about 5 feet wide. Foam core, polystyrene, balsa wood, and other hobby store supplies would be do the trick.


Nanook said...


I believe the proper name for the Skyway buckets is actually The Flying Buckets.

And, Major, if you do attempt that swell scale model of IaSW, by all means don't forget Wood's metal - or for that matter - Liquid Wood or Liquid Steel. They're the best-!

Thanks, Major.

Scott Lane said...

Too meh, or not too meh. That is the question.
And these aren't "Meh". Not "meh" at all.

BTW, nothing says "Late 60's/early 70's" like the color orange. (Really! Just get out your Ouija board and ask Gene Rayburn)

Unknown said...

Gondolas on cables, two days in a row! It's a trend I tells ya!

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, around 1964 the full name was “The Fantabulous Flying Buckets”. Liquid Steel, you mean I have to use a T-1000 to build a model?

Scott Lane, Gene Rayburn! Where did that guy come from? I always thought he was kind of bizarre looking, although he was a good host of that ridiculous show.

Patrick Devlin, I had to check… no gondolas on cables tomorrow. Oh well.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

I've had that same lazy plan myself. Mine included the DLRR passing through the miniture arch and little animal topiaries (like bonsai size). I even started downloading the ticking clock sounds and others to run on a loop through whole thanng. Never started the project though. Dream big and procrastinate like hell. Thats my motto.

Melissa said...

These are both lovely. I'm starting to believe you don't know from meh. You need your mehnometer recalibified

Melissa said...

These are both lovely. I'm starting to believe you don't know from meh. You need your mehnometer recalibified

Monkey Cage Kurt said...

There is NOTHING “meh” about a bright shiny, crispy clean shot of the Matterhorn Skyway tunnels like this one. This is an A-1 in my humble opinion.

This shot reminds me of a similar “Matterhorn Skyway tunnel” pic I posted on FB. My friend’s Orange County teen age kids did not know what it was a photo of. They never even heard of the Skyway, let alone it’s passageway through the heart of the Matterhorn.

That was really funny Scott, because nothing says 1970s like “Gene Rayburn”. Major, there were several people on Match Game that I always used to ask myself “Where did that guy come from?”

Nice pics, Major!