Sunday, January 31, 2016

Über Blah, May 1966

Oof, today's photos are about as dull as dishwater. Not that exciting dishwater like you see in Las Vegas... the regular stuff.  I just scanned about 50 slides (from various lots), and unfortunately many of them are pretty dull. Something for you readers to look forward to! 

Howsabout this one? A poorly-composed shot of Skull Rock, on a gray (or purple?) day, out of focus, and just plain yucky. 

Even bright flowers don't look so good on this gloomy day.

And lastly, a so-so look at the Snow White Grotto, one of my favorite little spots in the park - but it looks like it needs a good scrubbing. I wish they'd return Dopey's fishing pole, but I am guessing that somebody complained about the idea of the beloved Dwarf killing another creature.


TokyoMagic! said...

The first two pics remind me of the "asphalt" series of pics you posted many years ago, Major. I think this has been proposed in the past, but do you think that maybe a kid could have taken these?

Nanook said...


I think my high school speech teacher had you in mind when he stated to - never apologize before giving a speech, for you never know how it will turn out. These images may not be of the stuff from which dreams are made, but they still provide a bit of fun.

Even a fuzzy Skull Rock is better than none. Although the flowers in the second image are a bit 'dowdy', just check out those 'back sides' on the opposite side of the planter. And poor Dopey - he seems to be particularly shy on this day - although he's still sporting his fishing pole.

Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

I was basing the kid comment above on the fact that they seem to have all been taken from a low angle. Whoever the photographer was, they cut off the top of Snow White's head, as well as the top of Skull Rock's skull. If the statue of Walt had been in that planter, his head would have been cut off too.

K. Martinez said...

I actually like the Skull Rock Cove image. It brings attention to the plants in the rockwork. I never noticed the plants (Azaleas?) were planted directly into the lava rockwork, or are they still in their containers and set in the lava rockwork?

The flowers and plantings in the Hub flowerbed aren't so bad. I always thought Disneyland looked more colorful on an overcast day. And I love the simplicity of the seating around the flowerbed. Simple and clean.

And now thanks to Nanook, I see Dopey at the bottom hiding behind the bridge. I also like dark mossy buildup on rockwork. It gives it a more natural look. Sometimes you've got to make lemonade out of lemons. I enjoyed these. Thanks, Major.

Scott Lane said...

Yeah, put me down as liking these pics too. Particularly the top one. That pool and the lava rocks always get short shrift in Skull Rock photos, but that lower angle highlights things we tend to ignore, or miss entirely, in more "professional" shots. (the textured pavement and sculptured concrete in the second one, for instance)

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Major these photos are worth posting but I will agree the photographer was an amature when it comes to framing.

What I will say is that is a first rate "professional" use of the umlaut. And with the retirement of Motley Crue and the untimley demise of Motorhead it couldn't have come at a more opertune time.

Nanook said...

@ Ken-

To these untrained eyes it sure does look like an Azalea, or it could also be the same flower that populates the planters at The Park entrance - the Petuna. According to the Disneyland World of Flowers book, "The simulated rock and grotto walls which enclose the Pirate Lagoon on the north are provided with small openings where many varieties of tropical plants have adapted to a rather strange existence. These pockets, averaging 12 inches across, were filled with redwood sawdust into which the root systems of the plants were shoehorned." I suppose the planting method applies to the plants surrounding the water, too.

K. Martinez said...

@Nanook, That's some cool information. Thanks for sharing it. "Walt Disney - Disneyland World of Flowers" is one of the few books I'm patiently waiting for to show up at a lower price point on the secondary market. It's just a little more than I want to pay for it right now, but it's one of the few vintage Disney books I have left to get that I really want. Someday.

Major Pepperidge said...

TokyoMagic!, even those “asphalt” photos were better than these! Yes, it is very possible that these were taken by a child.

Nanook, I believe that your high school speech teacher would have given me a “pass” on my pre-apology once he/she saw these terrible photos!

TokyoMagic! again, now that I look at the others from this bunch, I think they might have been taken by an adult… maybe a petit woman. There are several portraits of different women, not a child to be seen. Who knows!

K. Martinez, the Skull Rock image would be OK if it wasn’t so poorly framed, and gray, and oddly-colored, and…. well, maybe it’s not so great. And hey, I mentioned Dopey and his fishing pole before Nanook!

Kenneth Lane, I am glad that people seem to be liking these, though it surprises me. Now I will make a mental note: “More lava rocks!”.

Alonzo, if you want to impress a potential employer or a young lady, just use that umlaut! The more the better.

Nanook, this sounds suspiciously like a paragraph written by the powerful Redwood Sawdust Consortium! Fortunately they can’t control my thoughts because of my tinfoil-lined hat. Let’s not even mention the Petunia growers controlling the gummint!

K. Martinez, there was a time when I really wanted a copy of the “World of Flowers”, but as you pointed out, it was often very expensive. I was offered one in its original dust jacket, but… $$$. And then I decided that I wasn’t that interested in flowers, even the ones at Disneyland. Maybe that exposes a flaw in my character.

Nanook said...


I had no idea I possessed such a "rare", (and now grossly-overpriced) book. I don't remember when or where I acquired it, but I guess I should thank my lucky stars for the good fortune. I suppose I should now consider having it 'dipped in 24K gold' to increase its value still further.

HBG2 said...

Dopey's strictly a catch-and-release guy, from what I hear.

Anonymous said...

Not sure which is more fun, the photos or the commentaries.

Thanks, everyone.