Monday, May 25, 2015

More Murkiness! January 1965

I am happy to announce that today I am sharing the LAST of the super-murky photos from 1965! I hope that they don't give you nightmares.

Here we are, in a busy Tomorrowland. The Douglas Rocket to the Moon is smack-dab in the center, and it is venting some liquid oxygen fuel as it wait to blast off. The Astro Jets are to our left, and a tour guide carefully appraises us to make sure we are not dangerous. Oh man, let's try to lighten this thing up a bit! 

It got grainy in places, but it's an improvement. That kid wears the feathered hat like a boss! Everyone is bundled in sweaters and coats, so this was a chilly day for the usually-moderate park.

I guess the photographer was aiming at the little shack on the riverbank, though this isn't a very good angle. The jungle launches look their best with their striped awnings (says me!)

I lightened this one up, but I think I actually like the dark, mysterious version better.


Nanook said...


It certainly looks as if Mother & daughter-? are attempting to provide identical smirks; although Mom may just have normally smirk-shaped lips-! We also get to spy a tour guide in her lovely red cape and she appears to be holding the hand of that little girl. (I don't imagine that sort of 'personalized service' would fly these times).

Thanks, Major.

K. Martinez said...

Love the Jungle Cruise photo. The candy-striped jungle launches look cool, but I actually prefer the worn grungy look that is the Jungle Cruise today with its awesome boathouse, queue and dock. Thanks, Major.

Dean Finder said...

I think the kid on the far left of the first picture is imagining a portable device that will let him make phone calls and check wait times for other attractions.

Sunday Night said...

Surprised that kid didn't have his name stitched on the cap. Pretty sure they did that for free. When I was a kid I bought one of those hats - one with a purple plume.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, that is the kind of expression that I seem to have in all photos! Usually with my eyes closed too. You're right, I'm sure guides have a strict "hands off" policy nowadays.

K. Martinez, I get why people would prefer the grungy look of today, but I still prefer the colorful boats. I'm not saying it's logical... but that's the way it is!!

Dean Finder, maybe that is a young Steve Jobs!

Sunday Night, they did stitch your name for free, but I suppose I could see somebody just wanting it unadorned. Isn't that feather enough for anybody?!

Nancy said...

Jungle Cruise is lovely in these shots, properly mysterious and beckoning at the same time! who doesnt want to take a ride into the Congo?

i cant imagine having to wear a coat at Disneyland...just cant