Monday, April 27, 2015

Random Frontierland

Here are a few "leftuggies" (my mom's word for "leftovers") from my recent scans. All I know is that we should point our fingers at them and laugh.

Just think - if you had been standing next to the photographer in this 1958 photo, you could have gone in to the Golden Horseshoe to see a performance with Betty Taylor, Wally Boag, and (at that time) Donald Novis. I wish we could see the sign featuring Slue Foot Sue a little better - "Daveland" has an amazing, clear picture of it... see it HERE. To our left, you can see a bit of the Casa de Fritos.

Now we'll jump ahead 12 years to December, 1970. The old Dance Circle had been updated with shady "amphitheater"-type seating - a real improvement. Kids still get to sit down front for the best view, and they were still invited to come up and join the Indian performers for the grand finale.


K. Martinez said...

(Fingers pointed at leftuggies images.) Ha-ha!

Don't know why I'm fixated with the part in that woman's hair. Fascinating.

Love the Golden Horseshoe image. Thanks, Major.

Major Pepperidge said...

K. Martinez, that woman parted her hair with a laser-sighted comb!

Monkey Cage Kurt said...

Slue Foot Sue was always my favorite animated Disney babe when I was a kid. I think even now she still holds her own among all the subsequent Disney babes that came after her. Something about that cowgirl look.

Not 100% sure these qualify as Leftuggies, they’re not all that bad. But I love hearing your mom’s word now and then. For some reason I always think of your mom as just being the coolest mom.

Thanks Major!

Nanook said...


I have to agree with Monkey Cage Kurt that these images really don't qualify as "leftuggies"; and I'll just assume as she's your mom, she's 'cool', too -

Also agree with Ken about that woman's hair. But that was how hair was often dealt with back then.

Thanks for link to the Daveland image (and to Dave, too) for the CU of the Slue-Foot Sue sign, with its Technicolor dye-transfer/Kodachrome intensity of the sky, etc. Wowie-!

Thanks, Major.

Snow White Archive said...

I'm diggin' that guy's hat at the dance circle.

Patrick Devlin said...

Just under the overhang on the left is the reason I never got to see the Golden Horseshoe Revue: a queue. I so wish some older sibling or parent or great-aunt had just grabbed my hand and forced me to come and see it!

Patrick Devlin said...

Oh, and ditto for the Indian Dance Circle. Sigh...

Major Pepperidge said...

Monkey Cage Kurt, yes, even as a small child I thought she was pretty cute! I haven’t seen “Pecos Bill” for a really long time, but I don’t think Sue had much personality, maybe it would have been fun to make her a bit more of a foil for Bill. And yes, my mom is pretty cool!

Nano, I have school photos of myself with a ruler-straight part in my hair.. usually due to the photographer thinking that my hair was too messy. One time they dipped the comb in water, so it looks like I combed my hair right after climbing out of a swimming pool. I guess she didn’t want me to look the way I actually looked every other day of the year!

Snow White Archives, I love the way hats look on other people, but often don’t like wearing them myself, unless the hot sun makes it a necessity.

Patrick Devlin, I wonder if that’s why my family never saw the show? I’m sure we had many opportunities. As for the Indian Dance Circle, I don’t even remember ever making it over to that part of the park. Either they didn’t know about it, or didn’t want to walk that far.

Nanook said...

I did see the Golden Horseshoe Review several times back in the 1950's/60's - one time even sitting in the SR private box-! I remember enjoying the show, but I wish I had gone back in later years to see it again.

K. Martinez said...

I saw the original "Golden Horseshoe Revue" with Boag & Taylor and later as an adult saw the "Golden Horseshoe Jamboree" which ran in the 1980's. I also saw the Billy Hills at the Horseshoe.

I remember the original show somewhat, but my strongest memory was in 1987 during the "Golden Horseshoe Jamboree" which was the later version without Boag and Taylor. Our group sat at a table in the upper balcony at the very back overlooking the whole place. Just before the show started I was caught by surprise as one of the dance hall girls came up right behind me, enveloping me in one of her arms and one of her legs as she hooked her leg over the balcony railing. There was no escaping her various limbs. Then immediately a bright spotlight blasted on her and I at the intro to the show. To the audience I must've looked like a deer caught in the headlights. My friends were highly amused. I was too after the initial shock.

It really is too bad they don't do a third version of the revue. It was sad when I last went there and it was reduced to only serving chicken nuggets and ice cream and an empty stage. It left me with a sad feeling.