Sunday, January 05, 2014

More Rejects… Unrejected!

The number of unscanned slides in my collection grows ever-smaller, so on occasion I am going to burden you with some scans of photos that had problems or were just not good to begin with. That's right folks, I think you are being taught some kind of important life lesson here on GDB - if only I could figure out what it was.

I was excited to see this image when I first held the slide up to the light. A beautiful twilight picture looking down a rainy Main Street - check out those lovely reflections. BUT… it's blurry. Rats.

This next picture was taken from a Casey Jr. Circus Train, and you'd think it traveled at 75 miles per hour based on that motion blur. Still, it's not a total loss, as this is an unusual view of Geppetto's village and the snow-capped peaks behind it.

Whoa, really? Talk about bad timing. I think this was taken from a moving Autopia car (correct me if I am mistaken). 

This one isn't too bad, but it does have the usual blurring, and it's just sort of boring. I'm not too proud to admit it.

I hope you have enjoyed today's rejects!


Nanook said...


I think it's safe in saying these are "pictures only a Mother could love" - or in this case - "GDB faithful", at the very least. There's wonder in each image - especially the image of Geppetto's Village and that sea of snow-capped peaks.

Thanks Major, for pushing the 'un-reject' button one more time.

K. Martinez said...

The Casey Jr. view of Geppetto's village is great, as the Fantasyland Autopia marquee with eagle and Matterhorn chalet can be seen in the background. Nice uncommon view.

The 3rd image was taken from the "Santa Fe & Disneyland Railroad" after it exited the old Fantasyland Station. This was before "It's a Small World" was built and the railroad track was closer to the Motor Boat Cruise area.

I love all these images. Glad you posted them.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

The first one is great as there are so few shots of Main Street 1)at night 2)in the rain and 3)with no one on the street ruining the view.

The others are all worthy in spite of the universal theme of blur and movement. The last one might even benefit from wiggle vision.

All in all worthy of un-rejecting.

Tom said...

I love these! They're all good, despite the various forms of blurriness. Actually, the localized motion blur in the circus train photo gives it a nice dynamic.

But I really love that first shot. This is one of those I'd like to step into. Except I'd probably turn around right away and head to the right. Because Carousel of Progress.

Katella Gate said...

Major, Major! You need to spend some time with the boys down in the Publicity Department. These excellent photos aren't "blurry" they are *soft focus*

Melissa said...

We would be fools not to look at a slide
From an overcast day or a fast-moving ride.
The shot of Main Street you had had looks atmospheric and sad,
And really, Nature's Wonderland just isn;t so bad, hey, hey,

Unrejected and it feels so good!
Unrejected 'cause we understood,
There are some blurry pics
Photoshop just can't fix;
There's no need to be dejected 'cause they're Unrejected, hey, hey.

Snow White Archive said...

The first pic still has a nice feel to it, even though it's a little blurry. Looks like a Hollywood film set. It's a rarity to see dry pavement at night in the movies.