Monday, July 16, 2012

Frontierland, September 1959

Hmmm, somehow I screwed up this post and set it to publish at 10:48 in the (late) morning. Glad I caught it before then! Sorry for the delay.

Here's a cheerful look at old Frontierland, with the shop that sold Pendleton Woolen Goods right in the center. Did you know that The Beach Boys originally called themselves The Pendletons? No joke! You can look it up at your local liberry. Not too long after this photo was taken, The Beach Boys made Pendleton wool plaid shirts a fashion craze.

I particularly love this photo of a charming "Casa de Fritos" hostess. Her tray reminds me of the ones that "cigarette girls" in old movies carried around in nightclub scenes. She has Fritos and Cheetos (but no Doritos). Notice the ticket booth (and awesome sign) for the Rainbow Caverns Mine Train ride in the background.


Rich T. said...

Funny how that one side of Frontierland still looks basically the same today, while the Mine Train area's been completely re-invented. Oops, I think there's a fight brewing between those kids in yellow in the first shot!

Anonymous said...

I love those ethnic foods like Fritos and Chitos and Doritos!

Sean Carolan said...

There were Doritos, just not in bags...they were served at the table. Disneyland is actually where they were created.

Anonymous said...

Today I've learned that Doritos were created at Disneyland and the Pendletons eventually became the Beach Boys.
Major, you should be offering an online degree from the GDB site!!!

Bill on Denver

Melissa said...

I've never seen those coolie hats in park photos before.

K. Martinez said...

The Pendleton Woolen Mills Store reminds me of all the cool shops Disneyland used to have, like One-of a-Kind, Guatemalan Weavers and the Rock Shop. I miss that kind of shopping at the Park.

I love seeing vintage images of anything related to Casa de Fritos. While I liked the Fritos, I was never fan of the food served there or at Casa Mexicana.

Major Pepperidge said...

Rich T., ha ha! It does look like the little girl in the dress is just itching to punch the other girl!

Anonymous, truly, we live in an amazing time. Now you can even get a taco in a Dorito shell, which is what they must serve in heaven.

Sean Carolan - holy moly! That's a piece of Disneyland trivia that I'd never heard before. Thanks!

Bill, for a mere $5000, I will be happy to send anybody a genuine diploma, hot from my ink jet printer.

Melissa, I assume that the coolie hat was purchased in Adventureland… good eye, I didn't even notice it.

K. Martinez, I have a great shot of a Guatemalan Weaver coming up someday! I don't think I ever ate at Casa de Fritos, we always opted for the safe and simple hamburgers. Picky kids, who knows what they'll reject.

K. Martinez said...

Major, Yeah, I was really into those Moonburgers as a kid.