Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I heart the 80's

Today I am taking another rare foray into Disneyland from the 1980's; to help get in the mood, I have had my hair styled into a perfect "Flock of Seagulls" 'do.

Fantasyland received a (mostly) wonderful overhaul in 1983, and this closeup from the front of "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride" is a good example of the level of rich detail and quality that was the result. When I build my own manor house, I will be sure to have a sculpture of myself ensconced above the front door, just like J. Thaddeus Toad (Esq.) has done. SeƱor Toad is posed as if holding an invisible monocle (or is there an actual glass monoacle between his thumb and forefinger?).

Here's a view shot from on board the Disneyland Railroad with a look at the lengthy queue for "It's a Small World". And there are the familiar topiaries of playful animals that I still enjoy to this day.

I like this photo, also snapped from the train; as you can see, there is a mysterious pathway that leads to the Disneyland Navy Yard - Submarine Division. Cool! This was in the pre-"Nemo" years. Is that some sort of tool shed to the right, or did a pale and lonely security guard live there?

We'll see more from the fabulous 80's soon!


Chiana_Chat said...

This post is bombdiggety! Totally rad.

Yes in fact Mr. Toad's sculpture there did have a monocle in his fingers. I seen it. Also, note the Toadfaces in the carving embellishments on the wooden roof beam facing us on our left in the pic.

Aw. In my mind there's a pale and lonely security guard in that puny shed, and I will bake him something and take it to him. Then while he is scarfing and feeling so happy, I will go spy around the Disneyland Naval Yard and sneak back out to sell water processing secrets to Sea World. :p

Chiana_Chat said...

PS - and don't miss the weather vane of Mr Toad having too much fun steering his motorcar.

TokyoMagic! said...

I love the eighties (I just love the seventies a bit more). I remember that Naval Yard sign. I think this is where they have the "Agri-future" sign today with some potted trees sitting around.

If you look above the monorail beam, you can see some metal paneling. The PeopleMover track is just on the other side of those panels. I'm assuming they were put there to keep guests on the slow moving PeopleMover from looking down into the naval yard area.

TokyoMagic! said...

P.S. The parade floats and performers use that road (in front of the naval yard sign) to enter and exit the park next to It's A Small World!

Thufer said...

One of the many 'off stage' areas of the park I always wanted to visit was the Navy Yard.

Rich T. said...

I love Toad's place!!!

There are only 3 things I miss from the original version of Toad:

The motorcycle cop (much cooler than Sheep Dude), the longer approach to the Train Tunnel of Doom, and the ominous mural out front with the storm clouds rising up behind the cast of characters.

Other than that, New Toad rocks. And it's the only one on Earth, now!

JG said...

The "new" Toad Hall shares lots of detailing with the Storybook land model of Toad Hall, they definitely tried to make the ride front look like the exemplar in the boat ride.

I remember that submarine sign very clearly.

And always thought the topiary garden was a stroke of genius. The whole theme of IASM is unity, the fantastic landscaping takes us out of time and space into a neutral world, where we can believe everything is white and gold.


walterworld said...

Looks like the IASW queue line is still going it's original direction as it did before the Toy Shop was added.

Rich T: I miss the motorcycle cop too! Remember how the front wheel of his bike would turn towards the car as if he would be giving chase?

I heart the 80's too Major! Please can we go back again? Please?

Major Pepperidge said...

Chiana, thanks for pointing out the toad faces! And for the info about the monocle. I would DEFINITELY want to sneak around the Disneyland Naval Yard! And I meant to mention the weather vane, but forgot....

TM!, you'd think that one of the cool things about riding the Peoplemover would be the fact that you can see into places that you can't any other way. Guess that was a little TOO backstage.

Thufer, see my comment to Chiana!!

Rich T., your memories of "Toad" are much more vivid than mine. I love that ride!

JG, you are right, the big Toad Hall resembles its smaller counterpart quite a lot. Walt must have really liked topiaries, since they were all over Walt Disney World when it opened. Not sure if they're still there.

walterworld, how does tomorrow sound?

dfan07 said...

I think that little "tool shed" is still there today. The Navy Yard sign was replaced by a sign that says "Oceanographic Research Station". That sign is on top of the drydock building.