Friday, October 07, 2011

Fun With Decals

It's time for another look at some vintage decals; the kind that you could buy for a few cents, soak in water for a minute, and then slide them onto the window of your station wagon, airstream trailer, or even your suitcase. I love their simple (sometimes crude) designs and garish colors.

If you were lucky, a trip out West would include a visit to Las Vegas, where you could head over to Fremont Street and see the big neon sign featuring Vegas Vic! For a while, he actually said (in a recorded voice) "Howdy, Pardner!". You can still see Vic today, albeit slightly altered.

Here's a nice example from the Disneyland Hotel, with a special guest appearance from the Monorail.

I don't recommend parking your horse right next to the train when hot steam is being vented. You know what this decal needs? More brown!

One of the true landmarks of Hollywood is Grauman's Chinese Theater. Fortunately it is not quite so psychedelic in real life. Most folks go to see the hand prints, footprints, and signatures in cement. I go for the nachos.

Yee-haw! We're back at Knott's Berry Farm again. A giant boysenberry, a cowpoke, a conestoga wagon, and the silhouetted Ghost Town make this an exceptional decal.

And finally, here's one from The Enchanted Forest in Old Forge, New York. When this park opened in 1956, it only had a train ride. There was also a circus tent, and scenes featuring characters from Fairy Tales and other stories. The park changed owners, and is now known as "The Enchanted Forest Water Safari".


TokyoMagic! said...

It's true...the nachos are good at the Chinese Theater, but an hour after you eat them, you're hungry again.

I really like that DL Hotel decal!

Chiana_Chat said...

*Chi has mental trainwreck* wha nachos? Grauman's Chinese Theater? What is it, Pedro's TexMex Theater now? What's with that. How about something Chinese? It'd help get us ready for Chinese conquest too. Nachos. How cheesy.

Great decals. I'd snap these up too! Amazing spirit & atmosphere on the Knott's Ghost Town, masterful even. The Knott's train and DL Hotel are just so me. On my Nomad, on my luggage, yeah.

Nancy said...

these are awesome!!

i think my fave is The Enchanted Forest, tho the DL hotel (spelled with a small h - i wonder why they did that?) is beckoning me to ride on the Monorail!!!

stu29573 said...

Love the Dinsyland Hotel sticker!

JG said...

Brilliant. Vegas Vic is my choice. Simple, straight to the point, and bright, just like him.

Very cool post, Major. These are all new to me, although I remember seeing many of this type back in the day, they don't seem popular now.

Everybody seems to buy the little kid p*ssing on something instead.

Scatology > art.



Connie Moreno said...

You know, I had completely forgotten that decals had ever existed. I remember wanting them soooo much but my father would REFUSE to put such things on his car windshield. Those are such classic beauties!

Major Pepperidge said...

TM!, nachos are good anywhere. They are "nature's candy", after all.

Chiana, I suggest whole Peking ducks at the Chinese Theater (with the head still on). Or some garlicky noodles in a plastic bag. Just tear off the corner and squeeze them into your mouth. GENIUS!

Nancy, I honestly don't know why they used the lower-case "h"! Good question.

stu29573, I've always wondered if there were other Disneyland stickers from "Enco", as this is the only example I am aware of.

JG, I remember seeing boxes full of these kinds of decals at various junk shops not too long ago. Of course, now that I'd like to dig through them, I can't find them anywhere! And I know what you mean, I am no fan of those pirated "Calvin peeing on stuff" decals.

Connie, I can understand why your dad wouldn't want to put those decals on his car, but you could have put them on your lunch box or notebook.

artguy said...

Of course the BEST part of the Disneyland one is the fact they spelled Anaheim incorrectly! Got the E and the I reversed. totally awesome!

Major Pepperidge said...

artguy - HA! Awesome! Obviously I didn't even notice, I was too busy looking at the illustration. Funny, yesterday's post had a misspelling as well.

Good eye, artguy.

Chiana_Chat said...

Too bad "we" traded decals like these for simplistic corporate logos and/or tough acts.

Yes Maj, that is GENIUS! "Iffy movies? Try them at Graumans. The theater will wow you and the other customers trying to eat our concessions will be sure to entertain!"

Dess Paterson said...

I just found an old Point Pleasant Beach New Jersey on in an old letter. My parents used to trade them : ) Gonna try sending you a pic.