Sunday, April 17, 2011

Adventureland, March 1961

I posted a photo of this unusual tiki once before, and an anonymous commenter doubted that it was even from Disneyland. But now I have proof that it WAS. Huzzah! That being said, this stern looking fellow, whittled from the corpse of an old palm tree, must not have been at the park for very long.

Here's a familiar view from the queue of the world famous Jungle Cruise. Looks like it's almost our turn. I've always liked those faux-bamboo trash cans!


Connie Moreno said...


TokyoMagic! said...

It makes me wonder where that tiki is today. Did they just toss stuff in the trash back then?

Steve Tanner at Magical Trash said...

Great trash can shot!

JG said...

Themed Trash innovation in theme park design.

Always loved the bamboo the most.

Thanks Major!


Nancy said...

makes you wonder how they could just throw stuff away without a second thought?

the password is....queavers