Saturday, February 26, 2011

Indian Village

When Disneyland was in its very earliest planning stages, Walt Disney had the idea of a steamboat river ride; and along the river, guests would be able to see all kinds of interesting tableaus. Among these would be a friendly Indian Village. One of his Imagineers suggested that a more interesting idea would be a "koo-koo-bananas Indian Village". He was let go that very day. True story! I can't help wondering about that koo-koo-bananas Indian Village, and how cool it would have been.

Yep. There it is again!


Orange Co Native said...

I hear that Disney is going to do a quasi Indian/Pirates Village. The pirates are going to be ransacking the poor Indian Village for their valuable corn and tepees. Chasing the Indian women around that is very similar to Pirates of The Caribbean scene.

I hope one day in the future Disney restores Ft Wilderness to its former self and get rid of that botched job of a fort that exists today. Allow the guests to enter the fort again and restore the escape tunnel from the fort.

Orange Co Native said...

Oh. Great pictures Major

Connie Moreno said...

These photos are gorgeous but I am a tad upset now that I know there could have been a koo-koo Indian Village. *sigh*

I also feel that the Fort should be restored. What a shame that it's all locked up and looking like a shambles. When I did my island report, that was one thing that actually made me quite sad.

Katella Gate said...

We see the Indian village and dance circle a lot... I mean a lot, and I take that as a good sign.

Walt could have had a more, well, "lighthearted" approach that would have come across as condescending, but he went with a straight story. 50 years (and a lot of attitude adjustment) later the villages come across as a sincere depiction of Native American culture.

The fact that they are so completely photographed suggests that the pubic received his message well.