Friday, October 01, 2010

Miscellaneous Friday

There are three random images today!

Here's a shot from 1957 with a view (sorta) of the old Disneyland Hotel in the background. This was before any of those huge towers had been added to the complex. You know how folks often comment on the early Hotel's resemblence to an Erector Set? Well over at The Original Disneyland Hotel blog, I learned that at one time the Wrather Corporation (owners of the Hotel) also owned the AC Golbert Gilbert Company, creators of the Erector Sets! See that post here.

Here's a nice photo of the Carnation truck. Mmmm, ice cream! It's my favorite dessert. For those of you who missed it, read about the truck's new home here.

This isn't much of a photo, I admit; only two details are worth mentioning. First, you can just see the tippy-top of a tent to the right, where Professor Keller's Jungle Killers appeared. Rawr. And to the left, that rock formation would eventually have a mountain lion glued to the top of it; but at this point - no lion. Rawr.


TokyoMagic! said...

I guess the papoosed babies left out in the sun would also come later.

Chiana_Chat said...


Nice Hotel pic- it does look like a comfortable place. And wow about the erector tie - I'm not thinkin' total coincidence now. Mm. Oranges. Bathers. Rawr. Lovely blue sky.

Is that boy wearing shades and trying to look cool driving the Milk Wagon? The girl meanwhile is absorbed with the temptations to grab that lever and see what happens... Rawr. What a cute "tail lamp."

Isn't it something to see the early shots of the river. Some as we've found actually look starkly Frontier-ly. Rawr. Not this so much. The the park was more elaborate than what anyone else was doing clearly shows here though. Can't say I've noticed the figure sitting "Indian style" of course in the doorway of his teepee. But I don't see the papoosed babies as TM said, not Shiny Boy and His Dog either. Woof. I mean Rawr.

Nancy said...

good to be back to seeing my favorite blog :D

love the old hotel, and the erector set info makes a clearer "picture" of how that particular detail came about .. haha

an extra-shiny picture of the Carnation truck, very nice

seeing the telly poles is always interesting and emphasizes the youngness of the plantings around the ROA

Andrew said...

I would have gone right out there and picked one of them there juicy oranges!

Question to my Gorilla friends: What exactly was the Prefessor Keller's Jungle Killers attraction? From this blog, I've seen a big sign for it out in front of the ticket booths, and now I see a tippy-top of a tent, but what was the attraction?

stu29573 said...

Great pics! One slight correction, though. Erector Sets were made by A.C. Gilbert...not Golbert.

Major Pepperidge said...

TM, this photo was taken just as a pipin' hot batch of papooses was being prepared.

Chiana, if I wasn't so lazy, I'd be curious to really compare photos of the Indian Village over the years to see how it changed.

Nancy, welcome back! How was your trip?

Andrew - Prof. Keller was originally part of the very short-lived "Mickey Mouse Club Circus". When that folded, the tent was moved and Prof. Keller continued to perform with his lions and tigers for a few months.

Stu - thank you for the correction, I guess I should have done my own fact checking!

Vaughn said...

A couple of power poles in the background tell of electricity coming to the Indian village, phones will follow soon behind. Soon they'll have to pay taxes and build roads. Then housing tracts and apartment buildings. The rivers of America won't be the same.