Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Ernest S. Marsh, 1960

Here's a nice vintage shot of Disneyland's fourth locomotive, the "Ernest S. Marsh". As of 1960 it had only been on the park's rails for about a year. I love the color scheme, with the vivid red boiler jacket and cab (sorry if my terminology is wrong!). I looked at some more modern photos of the Marsh, and for some reason part of the smoke stack is now white, as is the front of the boiler. It just looks strange to me.

From the same lot comes this picture showing the cars from the freight train - I think. Some of them look like excursion cars as well. Or are they the old "gondolas" with a striped awning added? So confusing! The locomotive, whichever it may be, is lost in the murkety murkiness forever.


stu29573 said...

I was kind of "lost in the murkety murkiness" myself this morning, but these pics helped! Thanks!

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

The Ernest S. Marsh looks like a brand new car in photo #1! - I too prefer the original paint job.

When did "Timex" stop being on the clock?

Dave Meek said...

The train is the original "Retlaw 2" freight train from 1955 and those are indeed the original gondolas with awnings and benches added (there where none when the park opened and passengers had to stand. Imagine the fun the lawyers would have with that today). That train is now known as "Holiday Red."

The heat resistant paint used on the smokebox used to be a dark charcoal gray on all of the DL locomotives. I understand they are all being returned to that color as each engine gets refurbished.

Sam Towler said...

That engine lost in the "murkiness" is the Marsh yet again; You can tell by the shine on the diamond stack and the shorter tender (or at least I can tell!). I'm pretty sure that picture was taken just seconds after the first one.

Nancy said...

wow, you guys sure know your trains!

what did/do they use that little yellow see-saw handled jobbie for?

very nice pictures; i like the freight train cars better ;)

Vaughn said...

I believe the hand car was a gift from the Kalamazoo Car Company, placed on display for all.