Friday, December 26, 2008

The Contemporary Resort

Today I have a couple of special construction images from Walt Disney World, taken in May of 1971. The park wasn't due to open until October 1st, a full five months later. The slides were labeled "shareholder's preview", so make of that what you will!

There it is, the iconic Contemporary Resort. Or its skeleton, anyway! The distinctive A-frame design was mighty cool in 1971 (and is still pretty cool today). Pre-constructed modular hotel rooms were placed into the steel framework. Also cool is the fact that the Monorail can pick you up right there, or bring you home at night. Notice the Skyway towers (since removed, of course). Look at all the work that they still needed to do it's pretty rough!

Here's a second shot from a slightly different angle. I am just not familiar enough with the Magic Kingdom to guess what the buildings to the right would eventually become. Are those deep ditches where part of the famous Utilidor would go? It's also interesting to see the many temporary shacks in the distance, presumably to hold supplies, lumber, and pixie dust.

Here it is, nice and shiny and new! This is from December 1971, only a few months after opening. We must be standing somewhere in Tomorrowland, since the Autopia is visible just in front of us.

I'll have a few more photos from this bunch in upcoming weeks! Meanwhile, I haven't missed a day of blogging since August 24th - - that's four months ago. So I will be taking the next few days off, and will see you again on Tuesday.


TokyoMagic! said...

Great WDW construction shots, Major. As with DL, I prefer the WDW of yesterday more than I do the current version. Would love to see more vintage WDW pics!

Unknown said...

There were probably taken from the same area.

I would guess that the second shot has the Tomorrowland Terrace buildings under construction. It could also be the end of Main St.

Nancy said...

great photos! my daughter is working at the Contemporary at the moment. i love seeing pictures of the parks under construction

the third picture is taken from the gateway where Tomorrowland and Fantasyland transition, right outside what is now Cosmic Ray's, with Mad Tea Party being to the left of the speedway :)

im looking forward to seeing the others you have of WDW!

walterworld said...

Another amazing round of pictures! Every day is another treat...

Enjoy your time off...I'll be looking forward to more WDW shots from this batch later on.