Monday, September 08, 2008

Three from 1962

I was fortunate to find a few oversized Disneyland slides in a box of otherwise dull pictures of snowy mountains. They had turned magenta, and I did the best I could to bring them back to somewhere in the range of "tolerable"!

Here's a cute little girl in her lovely dress (what, not jeans and a t-shirt??), relaxing at a Frontierland eatery (any idea which one?). I think she ordered a hot dog and fries (always fries!). And look, they gave you a plate to eat off of instead of a paper box. What a novel idea! I like her amused expression.

Next we wait in line to board the Motor Boat Cruise. The boats were part of Fantasyland, but they look like they are heading into Frontierland here! Arg, I am just realizing that Speedy (my assistant) forgot to clean up some of that dust. Sorry folks! He won't be getting a gold star this week (and he loves those gold stars!).

I'll bet that aliens (who watch plenty of our TV shows, I'm told) would know where they were if they landed their atomic space ships and stepped out to observe this classic scene!


TokyoMagic! said...

Was that the "Silver Banjo" reastaurant. Major? I just got back from the park and ate dinner in this area. I think that facade in the background with the door and windows on either side is still there.....just closed with no signage.

Okay, I just checked a guide book from 1977 and one from 1980. It looks like the pink structure in the photo was called the Delta Banjo then, so I'm assuming THAT is what used to be the Silver Banjo. The area with the open door and windows looks like it was called The Wheelhouse back in 1977 and 1980. What was it called back in 1962?

Anonymous said...

What personality the girl has! You know she was gonna be somethin' (and already was hehe... there was mustard on that photographer right after the click I'd hazard). Just showing off for the dumbstruck boy in the table behind her. Dresses, slacks... the way pipples dressed is just one of the things I enjoy in the vintage pics.

Hmmm River Belle Terrace? Aunt Jemimas at that time I should say. A pretty umbrella behind her on the left too.

Hey Maj, after being away since the end of last month, I just cruised back into the system, fueled up at Titon, landed my atom... er transmorgrified Methane powered ship (that is what that little pond at DCA was for isn't it?) and had to catch up with one of me fav bloggers in all the solar system. Left replies for the posts I missed. So glad to see new posts I'm all smiles. :)

Anonymous said...

One word: Pizza.

Brer Dan

The Viewliner Limited said...

Nice set of pics Major. Unique motorboat pic especially.

Katella Gate said...

Ah yes, the Motorboat Cruse! I took it once or twice as a kid. It was unique in that it was the only ride in Disneyland to make me ask what the song asks:

"Is That All That There Is?"

Major Pepperidge said...

Brer Dan, I would agree with you, except that I don't recall seeing pizza on any Disneyland menus from that era (and I have a nice bunch of old menus). It DOES kind of look like it though.

Anonymous said...

LOL Good call, Major! You're knowledge is incredible! Me, I ignore facts LOL


Brer Dan

Nancy said...

cant imagine ppl today wearing their Sundee go-to-meetin' outfits to places like baseball games and amusement parks! its always amusing to notice the way people dress....and any pictures with those cat-eye glasses are classic! thanks again for great photos : )