Saturday, April 12, 2008

Monorail (again), July 1961

Consider the word Monorail. By examining its Latin roots, we can learn a lot; Mono means "armored dinosaur", Rail means "a small pancake made from barley". I never thought that all those years studying Latin would ever come in handy!

Anyway, here are two very nice photos of the armored dinosaur pancake that I'm sure you'll all enjoy. While we're at it, there's the back of the old Disneyland sign too.

Zoooooom! There she goes! In the distance you can see the striped tent in Holidayland, isn't that cool?


Chris Merritt said...

Wow - that back is pretty cool! I thought both sides used to have the logo on it - shows what I know!

Jason Schultz said...

Major, I think that's the back of the Disneyland Hotel sign. This gaffe makes me question your whole "armored dinosaur pancake" explanation!

Anonymous said...

I think the cameraman was just a little too eager to click in that first monorail shot. Another half second would have done it.

Major Pepperidge said...

Progressland, that's what I get for waiting until the very last minute to write my posts!! I stand by my Latin translation however.