Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy 2008!

Happy New Year, everybody! In honor of a Southern California tradition that dates back to 1890, I have scanned a few slides from past "Tournament of Roses" parades (from Pasadena, as you know).

First up is this undated slide (probably from the mid-1950's) of Roy Rogers aboard a float celebrating the Soap Box Derby. How much more all-American can you get? I would have gotten a huge kick out of seeing Roy anywhere, but a sparkling clear January day like this would be even more special. Roy and his wife Dale Evans were the Grand Marshals of the parade many years later...1977 to be exact!

Here's a fun one from 1947! Floats sure were a lot simpler in those days. Today you'll have skating rinks, human cannonballs, trapeze artists, and all manner of other spectacles to keep the crowds cheering. For anyone familiar with old Colorado Boulevard, this also gives a fun look at some of the shops that used to be there. Happily, there are still stretches of the boulevard that look very much like this today.

Also from 1947, the Easter Bunny is making an early appearance!

And finally, here's a Holy Mackeral for you. He looks more like a white whale to me (Moby somebody), but what do I know. The parade sure had a more "small town" feel in those days! I think that the parade is on California Boulevard at this point.

I hope that 2008 is full of health, happiness and adventure for all of you!


Matterhorn1959 said...

Great views of the Rose Parade. I miss going out to see the floats after the parade. The floats are amazing when looked at up close.

Major Pepperidge said...

Even though I lived in Pasadena for years, I only saw the parade once in 1994. Usually I headed for the hills! Shatner was the Grand Marshal, and he rode by the stands on his horse...he didn't wave to the crowds or smile, or even look like he wanted to be there!

The Viewliner Limited said...

I would like to wish you and yours a very Happy New Year. Looking forward to all the great 2008 posts and appreciating them all.

Unknown said...

Thanks for a great year at GDB! Looking forward to another great year of posts.

Todd Franklin said...

Happy New Year! Thanks for all the hard work you do in sharing with everyone all of these nice images!