Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Snapshots, June 1977

I've been digging through boxes, and found several batches of vintage snapshots that I had kind of forgotten about. Time to scan 'em! Today's selections, all from Fantasyland, are dated "June, 1977".

Part of my brain still thinks, "1977? That wasn't so long ago". But as a certified math genius, I know that it was 41 years ago. Yikes. It's almost strange to see the Mad Tea Party surrounded by that ornate structure... I wonder when that was added? Anyway, I love this angle, with the Skyway overhead, and  J. Witherspoon Skullrock in the background. The lady in the center of the photo is casting a hex on us.

Well, this answers a question I had from a few weeks ago; in the previous image you can barely see that the words "Captain Hook's" (on the bow) had been replaced with ornate decorations. But way up on the poop deck it still credited the Cap'n.

Look at how busy it is! Of course, it is June after all, so it isn't too much of surprise. I am wondering what the kid in the middle of the bottom of the photo has on his back. A baby carrier? If so, somebody should inform him that the baby has been stolen. 

And finally, a shot of King Arthur's Carrousel, now with all white horses! I have lots of fond memories of riding the Carrousel, especially in high school, chatting with the cute female ride operator! 

There are more snapshots to come...


Nanook said...


The filagree archways surrounding the Teacups were added around 1970. And 1969 was the year Chicken of the Sea changed to Captain Hook's Galley.

Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

And what year was every other mirror removed from the Carousel, and replaced with scenes from Sleeping Beauty?

I love 1977. If only DL could have been left alone from that year on. Of course, 1976 would have worked for me just as well, since the Mine Train thru Nature's Wonderland would have still been there at that time.

K. Martinez said...

TokyoMagic!, but then we could push it back just a few more years to 1973 to freeze Disneyland in time since Carousel of Progress was still there and the added bonus of the Pack Mules still operating in Nature's Wonderland along with the Mine Train. I could give up Space Mountain for those. Especially since I can't handle roller coasters that well anymore.

Original Fantasyland sure was cool! Thanks, Major.

Stefano said...

TokyoMagic!, K. Martinez, could we return still further to at least 1971, so I could visit the Indian Village. Disneyland fandom started in 1970, and I regret missing that attraction, which seems like it would be a lot more interesting now than any of the digital wares currently on view.
What the heck, how about back to August 1969 and the original Haunted Mansion Hatbox Ghost, even if he didn't work so well; at least there was a real connection between him and his bride, that was one of Marc Davis' wittiest gags-- he's losing his head over her, her heart is thumping in excitement.

That first Fantasyland photo--- the ship, the water display, the colors, the landscaping ---irresistible.

JC Shannon said...

I love today's pics. I sure do miss Skull Rock and the Captain Hook Pirate Ship. Both were visually stunning and super cool. I have a theory about the boy in photo #3. He just might be a time traveler from the future. He just forgot to take off his time machine backpack before taking a walk in 1977. He probably wanted to experience all the really neat stuff that is gone forever in Disneyland. I guess he's not much of a Star Wars fan. Thanks to major for the wonderful shots.

Patrick Devlin said...

That young lad is either carrying his load of pet hamsters to be released as fodder for his favorite feral cats, or is demonstrating the new NO-Strollers-at-All policy! To bad it didn't take off!

I remember fall of 1977 well because I rode Space Mountain over and over again through the auspices of my brother, who was maybe a lead by then and we'd just head in the exit and get in the first vehicle available. I wonder what other guests thought we were doing...

Anonymous said...

Fine pictures of peak Disneyland.

I think we would have to re-create the Disneyland of the model in the basement of the Disney Family Museum in San Francisco, since it has so many of the best attractions side-by-side, even when they were widely separated in time.

But, like many here, I would settle for D'Land '77. Almost the start of my 20+ year dry spell, no visits until the '90's.

I can tell that I'm old, at least as far as Disneyland is concerned, I no longer look forward to the future, preferring instead to re-live the past. In fact, I'm actively fearing the future since the Park management seems more likely to ruin good old stuff than bring out good new things.


Melissa said...

That looks more like a posture-correcting device than a child-carrier. "I will not have you slouching on roller-coasters all summer, young Jabez!"

I love that lone blue Mickey balloon meandering in front of the greenery in the last pic.

Melissa said...

Sorry, make that the next-to-last pic.

Matthew said...

WOW! It's been a sprint... but I finally caught up to you all (I had to go all the way back to Friday June 1, "Dumbo's Flying Elephants, May 1958 and comment to and on all your comments). I'm exhausted... and out of breath!

I really like this community. You all are so witty and full of great trivia and eyes that catch so many wonderful details. So let me add my little comments to the greatness that surrounds.

That first photo has all the charm of Fantasyland... the Skyway, Captain (or Cap'N) Hook's Pirate Chip, Skull Rock, and lush, lush palm trees surrounding the lagoon.

In that second photo I love seeing the detail of the rope hanging over the sign pointing to the ship. Also off to the left you can see another "Show Lighting" pole, now painted green, to blend in with the trees.

@Tokyo Magic - What a great question... and the answer is???

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

Matthew said...

@Melissa - I spy a "Stripey" trash can in that first photo... back right side.

: )

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, the arches seem so old-fashioned - like something you might have seen at Luna Park in 1910, or maybe at Tivoli Gardens. However, they probably looked great lit up at night.

TokyoMagic!, I was wondering the same thing about the mirrors. “King Arthur’s Carrousel” seems like an odd place to put Sleeping Beauty images, but it doesn’t bug me that much! And yes, unlike many other things about the 70’s, they were great at Disneyland.

K. Martinez, I admit, if I could experience a ride on the Pack Mules, and at least one spin on the Carousel of Progress, I would sure love to do it. I know, you can still ride COP in Florida, but I want the original show. Surprisingly, listening to the soundtrack satisfies that craving pretty well.

Stefano, I am curious about Disneyland fandom beginning in 1970 - I’m not saying you’re wrong, but why 1970? Imagine being able to walk around with a good-quality camera, knowing what you know now! I might be tempted to anger the spirits and use a flash in the Haunted Mansion for at least one ride-through.

Jonathan, Skull Rock - especially at night - is one of my earliest memories of Disneyland. Also, how can I get one of those time machine backpacks??

Patrick Devlin, it is almost comical to see how small and compact strollers used to be, compared to the SUV-sized versions that are in the park now. As for riding Space Mountain over and over, there are worse ways to spend time at the park!

JG, I’m still waiting for the VR vintage Disneyland - maybe you could even select which era you want to visit. 1955? Check! Pre-1959? Check! 1967, for the New Tomorrowland? Oh yeah! Like you, I am not very excited about future developments at the park - in large part (I think) because so much of it does not feel “Disney” to me, no matter what IP the company has purchased in the last few years.

Melissa, it’s like headgear for his back??

Melissa, I will try to forgive you, but it won’t be easy!

Matthew, you are always welcome to leave your comments here (when the mood strikes, of course)! Yes, the GDB community is pretty great. I’m sure I would have switched over to a Care Bears blog by now if it wasn’t for the fun discussions. I’m glad you’re enjoying it! As for TokyoMagic’s question, I (as usual) will be no help at all…

Matthew II, yep, there’s one of the old stripeys!

JC Shannon said...

Oh yea! Skull Rock at night was beyond cool. I remember it well as child.

Melissa said...

That is real commitment, Matthew! I should go back to Post One some of these days and relive GDB's origin story.

Anonymous said...

June 1977. My final month as a CM. This is what a busy day looked like back then folks. KS

Major Pepperidge said...

Jonathan, I have mentioned this before, but as a kid I thought that the skull was large enough to live in! Which would have been super awesome to a kid obsessed with monster movies. I later knew that it was barely big enough to stand up in.

Melissa, whew, I don't know if I would want to tackle that one! Maybe all of GDB's flaws would stand out even more than normal.

KS, I know those summer days could get pretty nuts, though nothing like today!

Nancy said...

I love views that show different themes.....the futuristic Skyway buckets, the whimsical teacups and the mysterious Skull Rock. Needless to say, view #1 is my favorite!

So cool!! :)

Anonymous said...

@Major, LOL, I live in my skull every day, even as small as it is...