Friday, June 15, 2018

More Slides 911!

Here are the last three slides from a series that had turned an unappealing shade of brownish-red - but a little Photoshop TLC brought them back to something worth sharing!

First scan: Nope.

Hey, that's better. Monstro is so mad that he is spitting a plume of spray into the evening air. As a kid I'm sure I would have been amused if the wind sent that spray in my direction.  

Scan #2: oh boy. We're gonna need a bigger Photoshop.

This is quite an unusual angle, with the giant blue wing of the Richfield Eagle in the foreground, the Autopia track below, and the red Monorail at the station; you can just discern some guests who appear to be exiting the Monorail train through the open windows. And beneath the tracks, the Submarines can just be seen.

This is how an angry bull sees the world.

Here it is, the last one! Not a great photo (it's hard to get too excited at photos of some random toddlers on the Carrousel), but I always enjoy seeing the multicolored horses. To the right, it looks like a youthful CM is making his way among the herd, making sure that everyone is safely strapped in.

I hope you have enjoyed these rescued slides!


Nanook said...


I love seeing Monstro from this overhead angle. And the angle of the second image almost puts Monstro to shame. Definitely unique.

Major, I do think all your color-correction prowess should be featured in a Do-It-Yourself kit, that would be marketed via an infomercial.

Thanks, Major.

K. Martinez said...

The last pic reminds me of my days working the Looff Carousel at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. I used to walk the carousel while in action checking to make sure all were strapped in and behaving. There's something truly magical about a carousel or merry-go-round. Not only can you find a carousel in an amusement park, but the zoo or a city park as well. Thanks, Major.

Melissa said...


You almost never see blowhole action in photographs of the Prince of Whales. For years, I didn't even know he had one!

Mist of the color-decayed slides we see rescued here look like they've had a merthiolate bath, but these look like they came straight out of the Betadine! The eagle's wing picture is great, and is even with getting "Golden Dream" stuck in my head.

Tom said...

I second the DIY Color Correction kit: "Introducing the Major's Krazy Kolor Korrecting Wizard! Get the whitest whites! Coax vibrant hues from the murkiest magenta! Rescue those slides from mud brown doom! Only three easy payments of $99.95 so order now!"

Once again you've blown us away with your mad skillz.

And great shots, too - love those angles.

Patrick Devlin said...

When were all the horses painted white? Are they all painted white today?

And when you put your mad skills restoring slides together take it tight to the source: sell it to Adobe so you can get a commission on each sale of Photoshop.
Lovely work as always major.

Melissa said...

I think the paint job was for the 50th anniversary? And they dedicated a horse to Julie Andrews or something. S'posed to be good for you. You're soaking in it!

Anonymous said...

Great shots today, Major. Agree that you should definitely have a software suite dedicated to you, with an eagle in the backdrop and a soaring orchestral theme.

Love the view of Monstro. Nothing like a good hot blast of whale boogers to start the day off right.

The eagle shot misses greatness only by a monorail nose, and who doesn't love kids on a carousel?

@Patrick Devlin, don't know when the horses went all white, but they are all white today. Reason appears to be that all the aspiring Prince Charmings wanted the white horses and the makeover was designed to prevent quarrels.

I've always preferred a palomino or even a paint, personally, but I've never been accused of being charming either...


Chuck said...

The Disneyland Encyclopedia says the horses were painted white in 1975.

JC Shannon said...

Major, you have mad color fixin' skills. I think...yes the Monstro photo is now...wait for it, Postcard Worthy! I also love the Monorail photo, so cool. Who doesn't love little kids on a carousel? Thanks Major!

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, Monstro is full of shame, that’s why he is so angry. All he needs is to watch some Disney movies, he will learn to “be himself” and that “friendship is the best gift of all”.

K. Martinez, very cool that you worked on an old Looff Carousel, what amazing machines those are. I always feel a little silly when I get on the Carrousel at Disneyland, but once it gets going, I just have fun.

Melissa, it’s the same with me, I think I first became aware of Monstro’s waterspout after seeing a picture in “The E-Ticket” magazine. Merthiolate stains on an owie were a badge of honor when I was a kid. And if you scuffed your knee and the whole thing was bright pink/red? You were worshipped and admired.

Tom, if I only sell two of those kits at 5 million dollars apiece, I could retire!

Patrick Devlin, just when I think I know Photoshop, I will watch a YouTube video with somebody truly knowledgeable, and I weep. I feel like I know 1% of what Photoshop can do!

Melissa, I thought they changed the horses to white in the 80’s (not sure if it was for the “New Fantasyland”). We’ve discussed it on the blog before, but I can’t remember anything, as you all know very well! Also, Madge filled that little glass bowl with pee.

JG, ah, if only… even though Adobe products are pricey, I have made my living with them, and never felt bad about buying upgrades. They are amazing. That being said, I am very curious about Gimp, the free open source image-editing program - I’ve heard it’s pretty great. I agree that the Monorail shot is juuuuust short of being great. It could have been a contender. I’ve mentioned here before, but my theory is that they painted all the horses white to make loading go faster. That way no kid will insist on riding the black horse, or whatever. It makes sense!

JC Shannon said...

In photo #3 you fixed the carousel pic so well, I guess that makes you a horse fixer. Get it? I got that from Jokes R Us. Ok, so I wasted my money. Have a good weekend everyone.

TokyoMagic! said...

Chuck, thanks for that info about when the horse were painted white (1975). I believe every other mirror was removed from the Carousel at that same time and replaced with the panels depicting scenes from Sleeping Beauty......a question that was asked (by me) on Major's June 5th post.

Nancy said...


Such beautiful views today. What is the lighthouse we see near Monstro?

I remember the entrance was more around the corner toward the left when we were there in 2001 and after. I do have a picture of a lighthouse saying Storybookland that is near the entrance, but this looks too close to Monstro. I realize this was long before I ever visited there, so just wondering about the lighthouse. I like lighthouses :)

Chuck said...

Nancy, today's photo shows the original location of the lighthouse. At the time this photo was taken, I believe it was still in use as the ticket booth for the attraction. I think (somebody correct me if I'm wrong) the lighthouse was moved to it current location during the 1983 Fantasyland rehab.

Major Pepperidge said...

Chuck, thank you. Maybe this time I’ll remember (shakes head doubtfully….)

Jonathan, that is high praise indeed!

Jonathan II, ha ha, I guess that is true. I am also a whale fixer, whatever that means.

TokyoMagic!, I am fine with the addition of more classic Disney characters from the features. Instead of Sleeping Beauty, I wish they had used “Million Dollar Duck”. Some dreams are not meant to be.

Nancy, I see that Chuck has already answered your question more thoroughly than I would have. Don’t you have lots of lighthouses in Pittsburgh? ;-)

Chuck, thank you for doing my work for me. The check is in the mail, I swear.

Melissa said...

I'm with you on Adobe CSS, Maj; used it every day of my professional life.

I use GIMP at home, though, and for free software it's pretty damn good. Every doctored photo I've posted in the comments here was made with it.

TokyoMagic! said...

Nancy, the queue and the loading for Storybook Land used to be just to the right of the lighthouse....only a few feet away from Monstro. In the 1983 Fantasyland rehab, they moved the queue to where the exit/unloading had previously been. At that time, the lighthouse was actually moved across the canal and placed on the embankment where the words "Storybook Land" are spelled out in flowers. It was on the far right where the boats would exit from Storybook Land.....sort of across from the entrance to the boat storage area or "Never Never Land." It was also painted almost entirely white at that time. In the nineties, when they added the scenes from Aladdin and The Little Mermaid, the lighthouse was moved to it's current location and repainted with it's current color scheme.

TokyoMagic! said...

Major, I would be all for them re-themeing the Carousel to Million Dollar Duck. They could replace all of the white horses with white ducks and have a static figure (or audio-animatronic figure!) of Sandy Duncan riding one of them. After all, EVERYTHING is better with Sandy Duncan. I even think they should bring back Roseanne but replace Roseanne Barr with Sandy Duncan as "the aunt." It worked for Valerie, aka Valerie's Family, aka The Hogan Family.

Chuck said...

TM!, thanks for the additional info. I think I missed the "across the canal" era completely, although it may have been there during my triumphal return to the Happiest Place on Earth on 24 Dec, 1993. I'm sure you remember that. There was a special, celebratory parade with wooden soldiers and dancing trees and everything. Anyway, I'll happily split my check from the Major with you.

And you're right - everything is better with Sandy Duncan - especially Bigfoot.

Nancy said...

Thanks, everyone, for your lighthouse answers. Unfortunately, we dont have many (if any) lighthouses in Pittsburgh