Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Matterhorn, 1966

I especially love this first photo of the Matterhorn, Skyway, and sub lagoon, circa 1966. Everything is bathed in brilliant sunshine, and the colors just "pop". The multicolored Skyway buckets (which had turned square the previous year) look so awesome - yellow, aqua, red. And look at the waterfalls cascading down the face of the Matterhorn... they are on full blast!

Here's another nice view from the Hub, with Tomorrowland off to our left. Again, the small accents of color - red must have been "in" - really liven up the picture. 


Nanook said...

And the mermaids... Don't forget the pair of mermaids, Major-!

K. Martinez said...

Looks quiet. Not even a line around the Matterhorn. There's even the old monorail track curve before they straightened it for the New Tomorrowland.

Chiana_Chat said...

Yup as Nanook says, there are even mermaids bathing in the brilliant sunshine. :D

They face in the direction they do because they are exhibitionists and they wish they could get over to those waterfalls for a nice shower with alpine fresh scent.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Not to sound like a broken record but number one is perfect. Pale yellow, blue, red and orange buckets flying through a steel and concrete mountain. They don't know how lucky they are.

And framed well enough to get the lagoon and the two sirens of the deep sunning themselves. This might be my new background screen.
Well done!

JG said...

Photo 01 comments really sum it up, that's the place to be, watching mermaids, hearing the roar of the waterfalls.

Nothing wrong with Photo 02 either. I don't think we get umbrellas in the central hub area anymore, do we? Probably blocks the views of the castle.

Well, I can't step in, and if I could, I probably couldn't get back. So, back to work.

Thanks Major.


Anonymous said...

Looks pleasantly uncrowded. Those were the days.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, those mermaids are posed just perfectly!

K. Martinez, I had no idea that the Monorail track was ever straightened!

Chiana, do mermaids need to shower?

Alonzo, photo #1 has to be one of my favorite regular Matterhorn pics. And yes, the mermaids are just the right accent.

JG, I don't recall seeing umbrellas in the hub/plaza area, but am not sure.

Anon, you can still find relatively uncrowded days, but it is tricky now.

JG said...

Major, the monorail track was straightened and possibly realigned at least once, and perhaps twice.

The original monorail had only three cars and could negotiate tighter turn radii, the original track had several tight turns in the reach between the Matterhorn and the TL Station, this made the train "look cool" as it swept into the station.

Later, the longer trains could not negotiate the tighter turns and so that part of track was straightened. I think that took place before New TL, and that there was another, later realignment to allow the parallel Peoplemover track beside the monorail. Not sure, tho.