Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Fantasyland, February 1963

I have two nice Fantasyland images for you today, starting with this fun view of people milling around near Monstro (to our right), and Skull Rock (see the telltale waterfalls to our left). I don't have any other slides quite like this one, so that automatically bumps it up a notch or two. 

I wonder if these folks to our left couldn't find a vacant bench or table to sit at while they enjoyed their cold drinks? Pull up a rock! There's plenty of sweaters and jackets, so it was a cool February day. 

Next is this portrait of a lovely Storybook Land hostess. Her microphone looks like it is WWII surplus. "Pilot to bomb bay!". Nanook will be able to tell us what it is. The Chicken of the Sea mermaid manages to get into the picture - barely.


Nanook said...

That first one is definitely an unusual angle. It's nice to see those rocks getting a little extra 'love' from the guests for a change.

I'm afraid Nanook is a bit challenged as to the make/model of that microphone. Perhaps someday... Who cares tho', with such a lovely hostess guiding our journey thru Storybook Land.

Thanks, Major, for sharing these images.

TokyoMagic! said...

Wow...two unique views, today! I used to love that little niche between Monstro and Captain Hook's Pirate Ship, and in front of the entrance to Skull Rock Cove. It was just so beautiful, that of course they had to go and destroy it. Because that's what they do.

The lady in the red sweater appears to be "double-fisting" it. I'd say that maybe the guy to the left asked her to hold onto his drink while he tied his shoelaces, but he doesn't have shoelaces. I think she is just someone who REALLY likes her Welch's grape juice.


NANOOK: during the 1960’s and 1970’s Disneyland attraction control consoles and vehicles used exclusively microphones by ELECTROVOICE , model 602F. ( part number 5965-105577-1) they were easily replaced and were interchangeable and could be used in a Monorail, Circle Vision , Haunted Mansion . nature’s wonderland, etc, etc, . The part number might vary for an extended coil cord.

Nanook said...


The 602F was Electro-Voice's answer to Shure's 527B hand held microphone; but neither one of those is what's pictured here.


NANOOK: yeah you’re right . The microphone in the picture looks 1940’s - 1950’s compared to the 602F version of the 1960’s. I suspect it is original to the attraction’s 1955/56 opening. Is it just an earlier Electro-Voice military model microphone?

Chuck said...

Hey - it's my imaginary teachers from the entrance to Tomorrowland!

As TM! remarked, that first one does a great job of showing how the rockwork flowed from Monstro to Skull Rock, covering the transition from one set-piece scene to the next. It's not surprising there are so few photos of it since the scenes were designed so that we're supposed to be focused on Skull Rock or Monstro, not the in-between. Only weirdos like GDB completists would ever intentionally choose that background, but sometimes you have to shoot your subject matter wherever it is. Please bookmark this photo if you are that awesome person creating a virtual vintage Disneyland.

I hope somebody recognizes their wife, mom, or grandma in that second photo. It's a great portrait.

stu29573 said...

Wow, great catch, Chuck! I'm impressed with the young lady's bolo tie. I think we should all wear bolo ties. And live in teepees.
The mic is a Largenheavy from 1953. The company was bought by Disney and made all their electronics until someone told Walt about Radio Shack. They then shifted to making paper placemats... and and feathered hats. Now they are the largest churro manufacturer in the world and elsewhere. Now you know!

Andrew said...

That group in the first picture looks like a gang of future Annual Passholders to me, there to make the lines longer for the rest of us.

Here's a picture of the little waterfall that's on the side of Monstro now.

DrGoat said...

Very friendly images Major. Love the second pic. I suppose we have all seen the hostess from about that angle and that image is somewhere in our head, hiding.
Chuck, I think I have that virtual vintage Disneyland right here in my head. Probably about 80% accurate. The rest would be how I want it to be remembered.
Andrew, thanks for the link. It just doesn't measure up to the old version does it. Not by a long shot.
stu, That really is a pretty neat bolo tie. Everyone here older than 40 probably has at least one.
Thanks Major. Exceptional pics.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I feel a little bad that I put you on the spot, but it seems like you always know the microphones! I was so sure you would ID it at once.

TokyoMagic!, yeah I was happy to find these images… so often a batch of slides will be disappointing, so it’s nice to come across some extra-nice examples. I thought maybe the lady in the red sweater was holding her husband’s drink while he snapped a photo or something, but it’s just a theory.

Mike Cozart, “Electrovoice” is a pretty cool name! I hope somebody got a raise for that one.

Nanook, didn’t the Jungle Cruise skippers use Shure microphones? The name stuck in my head, anyway!

Mike Cozart, I wonder if they really were still using 1955-era mics by 1963? I don’t know how we’ll ever confirm it, sadly.

Chuck, yes it’s the same folks! And as you pointed out, most people want to either take a photo of Skull Rock or Monstro, but we were lucky and this photographer grabbed a quick portrait in what was normally a sort of “no-man’s land”. For the Virtual Disneyland, unknown areas will appear to be made of Legos. And I agree, I’d love it if somebody said (about photo #2), “Hey, that’s my Mom!”.

stu29573, the blonde lady definitely has a look, she could throw together any old thing and make it look good. “Largenheavy”? I thought they only made cars! But those big companies liked to branch out back in those days. You sure know a lot about the company, not many people are aware of the churro connection.

Andrew, aw, I can’t blame those people for the AP mess that came along 30+ years later! Is it just me, or does that little waterfall lack something nowadays? Maybe a rock shaped like a skull?

DrGoat, I realize that it is probably very small-minded of me, but the last time I went on Storybook Land, our guide was a dude. Somehow it felt wrong. I try to imagine how they would do a virtual Disneyland - would they enable you to walk through different eras? I’d love to see it as it was when it first opened, and then observe the evolution of certain rides and lands year by year. I’m not holding my breath, but it sure would be cool! Also, I am over 40 and don’t own a bolo tie. Sadly.

DrGoat said...

Major, it may not be completely wrong but it's more right with a hostess. Definitely more appropriate to point out all those quaint, lovely little scenes. And that waterfall lacks a lot of somethings.
PS.. you're not required to own a bolo tie since you're not an Arizonian, or a New Mexican either. Be not sad, although you might get a nice one to round out your wardrobe. If you ever think you need one, let me know. A nice Zuni pattern like this one one I think. or
I can get them for less and the money actually goes to the tribe.

DrGoat said...

I need to clarify. I would never pay them less than what it is worth to them.

Nanook said...

No apologies needed. I'm happy to be 'put on the spot'. It's fairly easy to ID most of the microphones we see at Disneyland, for as Mike has pointed out, they tend to use only a couple of models. And why not-? They can always upgrade them, but the performance results are likely to be similar to what's already there. Those things are pretty damn robust, and produce decent-enough sound to do the job.

I was thinking the same thing - that microphone really does look more 1940's than 1950's, although that certainly looks like a Cannon, XLR connector that's plugged into the microphone - increasing the chances it's from the 1950's. And with that 'hook', it might be a military microphone... Maybe it's an oddball E-V, Shure, American, Altec, Turner, RCA, or Astatic microphone. A real microphone expert would probably recognize it instantly. Documentation for non-studio microphones is a bit harder to find, so this may remain a mystery.

Anonymous said...

These are some excellent unusual views of one of the best areas of the old Park. I have a picture taken by my Dad of Mom and I in the canal boat, he was standing about where the pink dress lady is in photo 1.

Chuck, you are right, on my last solo trip, I am enough of a weirdo that I went to study the line of the rocks where Monstro ends and the new Dumbo rocks began. Just the spot in Andrew's link from Daveland. Except when I last saw it, the pond and waterfall were not there, and you could walk up to the joint and touch it.

This border between Monstro and the walkway has been in more-or-less constant flux over the years. The latest versions seen in Street View show that big planters have been added to keep guests away from the water, so my Dad's photo vantage cannot be duplicated today. :-(. As I mentioned in a past thread, so many little changes in the Park make it difficult to stand exactly where I stood 60 years ago.

Here is the Street View of the spot as of 2016.,-117.9187622,2a,75y,105.75h,72.16t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sHDs3l7Aqmo5NDQXlZjwNRg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en

I am amazed at the detailed information about microphones, please keep it up, thank you Mike and Nanook.

The blonde lady is demonstrating "contrapposto" in a most engaging manner. I also approve of the bolo tie. I am well over 40 and have several bolo ties, made by my uncle who was a rock hound. Now I want to find them and wear them again.

Chuck, is the man in the gray sweater the same man in gray with his back to the photographer in the earlier pic? He seems to be part of the group but remarkable reticent.

Thank you, Major and all. A lot of fun today.


Omnispace said...

I remember sitting on that rockwork bench area with my mom. It was a fantastic place to stop and take a rest. I'm also guessing the one guy was taking a photo of the pirate ship. He handed his LARGE Sprite to the lady to hold. I'll bet those straws are paper.

That's a lovely photo of the canal boat hostess. And, you get some context with the pirate ship, and Casey Junior!

With regards to the microphone I think Major almost had it right, though she should be saying "Launch the torpedoes!". She's on a boat after all. Perhaps (former admiral) Joe Fowler got some surplus Navy equipment when they were building the park. They were really working on a tight budget back then.

TokyoMagic! said...

Major and Ominspace, you are probably both right about the lady holding the photographer's drink!

Andrew, that photo of the current waterfall (water trickle?) shows the tall green hedge (on the left), which for over 30 years, was trimmed to resemble a castle wall. Unfortunately, they recently cut down the entire hedge, and replaced it with a cheap-looking plywood fence, with some blue paint slapped on it. I'm telling you, if something is pretty or pleasing to the eye, then Disney will almost certainly look at it and say, "It has to go!"

Major Pepperidge said...

DrGoat, the host did a fine job, but I definitely didn’t enjoy it as much. Maybe the ladies on the boat felt differently! I like the idea of money going directly to Indian craftsmen and women, but I don’t think I have much need for one! I barely ever wear a regular tie as it is. But I appreciate the generous offer.

DrGoat, I knew what you meant.

Nanook, it definitely makes sense to use a single brand of microphone, especially if you can switch out components and upgrade them. Just like a stereo system! Who still has a big old stereo system these days? Not many people I’d wager.

JG, I think a lot of people wanted their portraits taken with ol’ Monstro behind them. It’s the teeth! Gosh, I consider myself a pretty intense Disneyland nerd (blogging every day for over 10 years, yes?) and I don’t think it would have occurred to me to look for where the Monstro rocks end and the Dumbo rocks begin! Maybe you have to be in construction. Knowing how foolish people can be these days, I don’t blame them for putting in a barrier to keep folks away from the water. Why make it easy for those prone to lawsuits? Gosh I really don’t like the way that that waterfall and pond look. So chintzy. I thought it was devoid of water at first, but they have eliminated the blue dye (or else the bottom of the pond used to be blue?). Contrapposto is delicious, especially with a nice marinara sauce.

Omnispace, like everybody else on this blog, you apparently have much more vivid memories of little things like sitting on that bench than I do. Everything is drips and drabs, from those childhood days anyway. Ha ha “large” Sprite. I need at least one liter of soda at all times! With plenty of ice of course, and a hardy plastic straw. The last time I went to Taco Bell they gave me a paper straw, and while I approve of the idea in theory, it turned to mush. I have an idea, why not dip them in plastic?? Not many people know about the armaments on the canal boats, it’s one of Disney’s best-kept secrets.

TokyoMagic!, I guess it must be really expensive to run the water pumps required for a good waterfall, because they have reduced almost every single example in the park to mere trickles. Ugh, that plywood fence you mentioned - maybe it’s just temporary? I hope so. If that’s the best they can do, they should be ashamed of themselves. Now I have to look it up, even though it will be sad.

Melissa said...

I love pictures from unusual angles of areas I'll never get to see, because they allow me to form a better imaginary image. And all the microphone talk has been faskinating and edumacational.

I've always loved the Storybookland costumes from this era, but I think today's Golden Gorilla Award for interesting vintage clothing has to go to the little boy in the plaid jacket and plaid shirt, and his bluecoated lady companion with the hatpin and seamed stockings.

Nanook said...

Major, Mike Cozart-
I finally figured it out. That microphone is a Turner SR-70D, described as a "...rugged waterproof-dustproof microphone for paging use in outdoor areas or steel mills, etc". Good to know, Disney was thinking ahead to the day when the attraction would be re-configured to "Steelbook Land"-!

LOOK HERE to see it in all its glory.

Major Pepperidge said...

Melissa, just think of how many people never saw Skull Rock, now that it has been gone for nearly 30 years! I once saw a photo of it on some forum (maybe even Facebook) and somebody replied, “Was this Disneyland?!”. It used to be one of the icons of the park. And yes, that kid in the cool jacket is pretty sharp!

Nanook, wow, good job! I really didn’t mean to stick you with a homework assignment. How did you figure it out? I love old tech, seeing that one on eBay for a mere $25 makes me want to buy it, but… what in the world would I do with it? Thanks!

Chuck said...

JG, while there are remarkable - almost freakish - similarities, I don't think that's the same guy in both photos. The fella in the Tomorrowland photo appears to be wearing a sportcoat with a vent in the back, while the guy tying his shoes appears to be sporting a ventless cardigan or jacket. The gentleman in the Tomorrowland shot also appears to be wearing glasses, and the two men part their hair in a different spot.

Nanook said...


Again - no problem sleuthing-through the internet in the name of GDB-! I just tried to apply what might be called 'electronic common sense', and start guessing that the manufacturer would more-likely be that of say, Turner or Astatic - rather than one of the "bigger boys". I first located a similar-looking Model 9D from Turner, but the the specs didn't include the "rugged waterproof-dustproof..." features. And the Model P-9D was similar, but had the 'hook' on the front side and the ability for stand-mounting, also. (Not so with the SR-70D - which is merely a handheld model, as the Storybook Land hostess so aptly demonstrates).

It should also be noted the SR-70D was still listed in their 1972 catalog-! I'm telling you, if something works, it can often stay in the line for decades past what seems logical.


NANOOK : that’s totally it! Good work!! Do you know the time frame ?

MAJOR: microphone now , storybook boat later!!!!

Nanook said...


A bit uncertain as to the timeframe it was introduced. (If I find out any more info, I'll pass it on). But as soon as I read the description, it sounded like the 'perfect' microphone for The Jungle Cruise, and thanks to Daveland, a few images confirm the fact the SR-70D was definitely used there. And as late as July, 1963, one can be seen. HERE YOU GO.

JG said...

Really digging the microphone research, thanks Mike and Nanook. Would never occur to me.

Chuck, you are right, but it is an odd coincidence just the same.

Major, I searched out the rock joint since I was trying to see what, if anything, remained of the spot where my Dad took that photo.

As Omnispace noted, the old rocks had molded-in benches that invited people to rest and watch the crowd. As I saw in my Street View tour of the locale today, the replacement rocks are set too high to make comfortable seating, but that doesn't prevent people from climbing up on them anyway. Makes me wonder if omitting seating was a design error by a rookie, or a purposeful omission by a Machiavellian marketing exec wanting to keep the crowds circulating.