Monday, July 27, 2020

Disneyland 30th Birthday Parade - Part 1

Today is the start of a multi-part post featuring photos from Disneyland's 30th Birthday parade, taken by Lou Perry (and shared with us by his daughter, Sue B.) back on March 8th, 1985. I honestly don't remember seeing photos from this parade before! There is something kind of charming and ramshackle about this parade that I enjoy very much. I am posting these in the order in which Sue put them.

Photo #1! Lou found a primo viewing spot on the steps of Main Street Station overlooking Town Square, where he could watch the various floats, vehicles, and performers as they emerged from the backstage area in between the former site of the Hills Bros. Coffee House (called the "Town Square Cafe" at this point), and the "Mad Hatter" shop. 

I get the feeling that some of these vehicles, such as the Motorized Firetruck and the electric runabout (a favorite of Walt's) might have had guests recruited to wave flags and signs. 

Or maybe some of the old-timers were former CMs that worked at the park back in the early days? I notice a sign over the archway to our right, "Prize Winners Center", what was that for? Publisher's Clearinghouse? 

So much to see! The runabout is carrying a woman (I wish I could read her name) who was the Grand Marshal, retiring that very day! A cute idea. You've got Pooh and Tigger, too.

Thanks to that mouse-ear shaped sign, we know that we will be treated to floats and vehicles with a "Frontierland" theme. I have no idea what that white object with the red and blue things is supposed to be.

Dale (the chipmunk) is riding his hobby horse, while a variety of Frontierland CMs push the big sign. 

Those look like Jungle Cruise skippers, so I guess we've left Frontierland and are now "in" Adventureland (I think things are out of order, but that's just the way it is). The pretty ladies in bright dresses remind me of the dancers in "Saludos Amigos", though there probably isn't really a connection.

Baloo and King Louis have joined in on the fun. Note to self: make necklaces out of fruit. If there is no fruit around, use cold cuts.

Baloo looks uncharacteristically bashful for some reason. Maybe his tum-tum is not feeling so good.

Whoops! We're back to the Frontierland portion, with Br'er Bear and Dale. A quartet of CMs in "native" attire look like they're having fun (the girls do, at least).

In the foreground, a buckboard with bales of hay carries some musicians. There's goofy, with his buckskins that have extra long fringe. Chip waves to an astonished two year-old.

Well, that does it for today, I hope you had fun so far. Never fear there are LOTS more photos of this parade to come, thanks to Lou and Sue! 


Nanook said...

I undoubtedly saw this parade, but don't seem to remember much about it now.

The "Prize Winners Circle" was a part of the 30th Anniversary, that featured the Gift Giver Extraordinaire, with prizes for every 30th guest passing through the turnstiles. It was a fabulous $12 million giveaway, consisting of many prizes, including one-time park passes and even brand-new cars. (Didn't you win one-??)

Thanks to Lou & Sue for sharing these images.

TokyoMagic! said...

Wow, I am totally confused. I saw the DL 30th Birthday Parade many times that year, and never saw any of this. I'm wondering if there was something special about this particular day, so they "enhanced" the parade. Or maybe since these pics were taken in very early March, I wonder if this could have been how the parade was originally intended to be, but then it got scaled back? I hope someone like Mike Cozart can chime in and give us more info.

Every time I saw the parade, it had very simple and generic floats, without the salute to the different "lands." Below is a link to the version that I saw, each time I visited the park that year. Just a warning....the parade soundtrack is a definite earworm, and every time they shout out "WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" you have to shout it out with them.

I love the Disneyland parades of the 70s and 80s, and these pics are wonderful, even if they are confusing to me!

Thank you so much, Lou, Sue and the Major, too!


This parade featured a lead set of theme floats - none of which were newly built but refurbished pieces from the 1984 Donald’s 50th parade and a few others. After the lead theme float set a series of “lands” followed ... most of the parade featured already used cast member customers and existing area theme band and park entertainment . But what sticks out about this parade were the hats given out to parade viewers .... they were passed out by real cast members that were NOT in entertainment ( THIS WAS EISNERS FIRST DISNEYLAND PARADE MIND YOU!! - as the Donald 50th was designed and produced pre-Eisner) Anyway , I remember watching the parade many times mainly to get the hats ! They were cardstock and technically visors but they were all themed to the original lands. I got them all EXCEPT Tomorrowland and Fantasyland which was a red Mickey Mouse Club Hat . All featured the 30th logo on them. There was a “Straw” boater and a DL Railroad Conductors hat for Main Street USA , a Davey Crockett “Coonskin” cap /head band for Frontierland , a Pith helmet with leopard band for Adventureland and that was it I recall . Only the original 1955 lands were specifically represented . It’s possible the conductor hat was for New Orleans Square ..... but I don’t recall a segment for that land .
Besides the “WHOOOOO!” I remember the parade underlying song repeated THANK YOU! THANK YOU! .... the whole world wants to THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!

TokyoMagic! said...

Mike Cozart, was the part of the parade with the tributes to the different lands only used for part of the year or on certain days? I saw the parade many times throughout the 30th anniversary year, and never saw those elements.


I’m not sure , but every time I ever saw the parade the “land” segments were there. It’s possible on slow days and off seasons the parade was edited. Again , the hats I was collecting were being given out from the “Land” cast members in the the parade .

DrGoat said...

We were there in '85 but I think we must have missed the parades. I have no recollection of that. In any case great pics. Love them all but that last one sticks out. Must be the army green balloons. Or Chip trying to hold up that toddler for his peanuts. He's even got his six shooter in his hand.
Thanks for that link Tokyo. That was fun.
A whole lot of good pics Major. Thanks and thank you Lou & Sue for these pics from your treasure trove of memories.

Nanook said...

A new week begins and another reference to pith helmets. Is there a trend starting here-? (Thank you MIKE COZART).

Andrew said...

Wow, Lou never disappoints with taking pictures of every little detail. Thanks for sharing these, Sue! The things that stick out the most to me are the colorful dresses in the Adventureland segment; although they're "tropical," I can't connect it to anything that was in the actual park.

You're right, Major... the ramshackle nature is what makes this great!

JC Shannon said...

What a gold mine of parade pics! Lou and Sue deliver the goodies once again. Major, I think the blue and red things are feathers, but I could be wrong. That Frontierland sign would make a great plant stand in my back garden. Too big, too garish, I think not? Thanks Major.

Stu29573 said...

By coincidence, I just watched the Disneyland 35th Anniversary Special on You Tube. It was ok (I always liked Harry Anderson) but I think this parade is better! Thank you Lou and Sue, from Stu!

zach said...

I was there and won a pin! I think. If I did I don't know where it is now. I know I won something. I know it wasn't a car. Did everyone get a pin?

Thanks Lou, Sue, Major and all.


Melissa said...

Wow, what a treasure trove!

You don’t see women driving Main St. vehicles that often, so it’s good to see the lady driving the runabout!

Best Eighties Outfit prize goes to the gal in #4 with the white overhauls and red stripey shirt.

That Adventureland dancer stole Davy Jones’s red maracas.

JG said...

Who doesn't love a parade?

I used to, but don't much anymore. The current Disney parades are just a nuisance and an opportunity to go ride the West side attractions with less of a crowd.

I do enjoy looking at the pictures, though. Thanks to Lou and Sue and the Major!

When the parade wraps up, let's step over to the Hills Brothers Coffee Garden and have a bracing cup.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately JG, the Coffee House closed in was now the Town Square Cafe. KS

Anonymous said...

@KS, rats. I'd go there anyway, but I loved Hills Brothers.

I never visited in the 80's so this was all unknown to me.


Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I remember the Gift Giver Extraordinaire, and I think I might still have the pin that I was handed, but I thought I got it right at the gate. Lou took some photos of the “brand new cars”, but I haven’t shared them yet!

TokyoMagic!, maybe this was just a sort of early “place-holder” parade until they had the later, more elaborate version that you saw, ready to go? No idea of course. I’ll have to listen to the soundtrack later today, but if it gets stuck in my head, I am blaming you, and you will be hearing from my attorney.

Mike Cozart, even though the parade in today’s photos was done on a budget, I don’t care because it is so charming. I don’t necessarily think that bigger, fancier floats equals a better parade (though it doesn’t hurt). I’ll have to look to see if I can find photos of those visors - doesn’t it drive you crazy to not have the whole set? It would drive ME crazy! I honestly don’t ever recall seeing them before - there are lots more photos from this parade coming up, I wonder if we will be able to see anybody wearing (or handing out) the visors?

TokyoMagic! when they saw you walk through the gates, they got on their walkie-talkies and said, “HE’S here! We’ll do the cheap parade today!”.

Mike Cozart, it almost seems like it would be more work to have different versions of a parade, but then again, if the crowds were super light, maybe they really did have a “B-version”.

DrGoat, I’m not sure what it is about army-green balloons that you like, but… hey, it’s all good! I do like the astonished look on that little kid’s face. He’s having an acid flashback, ha ha.

Nanook, soon you will see all “the kids” wearing pith helmets, you heard it here first!

Andrew, I really do think those dresses are reminiscent of the ones that the lovely dancers wore in “Saludos Amigos”, which (I guess?) makes them sort of Adventureland-appropriate?

Jonathan, the blue and red things do look like feathers, but then I can’t figure out what the heck that white contraption that they are mounted to is supposed to be! If you tear down your garage, then the Frontierland sign will be proportioned correctly.

Stu29573, I like Harry Anderson too, but I have yet to see any Disneyland anniversary show that doesn’t make me want to dig a hole and crawl into it. They’re always so bad!

zach, I won a pin too, as did my friends. Trouble is, I wound up buying the other pins from the 30th anniversary at Disneyana shows and elsewhere (this was before eBay), so I can’t recall which one is the one I was personally given.

Melissa, that young lady is holding on to that tiller with a vice-like grip! White overalls, maybe that other woman was a painter. When you said “Davy Jones” I thought of the squid-faced bad guy, not the Daydream Believer.

JG, I’m with you, I am generally not a big parade guy. If others like the, that’s great. As a rule I would see that a parade was happening, and would rush to the short lines of my favorite attractions!

KS, I’ll bet JG could have still ordered a nice cup of coffee at the Town Square Cafe!

JG, someone on a podcast claimed that Disneyland uses powdered eggs for their breakfasts, and instant coffee in the places that aren’t Starbucks. Can this be true??

Anonymous said...

Lost in all of the hoopla over Army green balloons and rodents packing heat is silent sentinel, sweeper Randy Underwood, manning his post in front of the Mad Hatter shop. Prepared (at a moment’s notice!) to dash in and remove any apples o’ the road a horse might see fit to add to the festivities, Randy only *appears* to be checking out all the cute girls. Ah, what a sly one!

Extra sweepers were situated along any parade route that featured horses (the 25th Anniversary Parade was an epic equinepalooza!).

So, let us take a moment and salute the fine work of Randy back in 1985. While others were debating the merits of New Coke, wondering if that Calvin and Hobbes comic strip would last the year or tapping their collective toes to Huey Lewis' The Power of Love… Randy was fighting the good fight for all we cherish. And less!


Anonymous said...

I agree Major. I should have added...but it won't be Hills Brothers' coffee! :) KS

Major Pepperidge said...

Huck, I love it when you recognize one of your fellow sweepers! It’s kind of amazing, he’s very small in the distance, but I guess he’s distinct enough. For any parade, I would imagine that the “apples” would need to be dealt with ASAP. We don’t want any unfortunate paraders to step in anything gross. I definitely salute the sweepers!

KS, I admit that the cup of coffee from the Town Square Cafe might not have necessarily been so nice.

TokyoMagic! said...

Major, I think this version actually looks like it might be the longer (and not cheaper) version of the parade. In the first two pics, there are some colorful banners visible, over the top of the Town Square Cafe patio. Those are are part of the "plain and generic" floats I was talking about. I'm assuming that those are going to be rolling out after the tribute to the various "lands"? I guess only you and Lou and Sue can tell us for sure, but if that is the case, then this version of the parade would be longer and have more performers than the version that I always saw. "WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"

TokyoMagic! said...

Major, I think those white things are carts with pegs, which hold the special hats that Mike was talking about. In the third photo, we can see a man behind Tigger, holding what looks like a couple headbands with feathers. It appears that he is going to hand them to the kids standing on the curb. In the second pic, it looks like there is a lady holding a basket and possibly handing out flowers to guests.

Those pins that guests won, were actually from the following year, 1986. They kept the "Gift Giver Extraordinare Machine" after the 30th B-day was over and continued to do giveaways, but the prizes were different. For 1985, they gave every 30th guest a DL Unlimited Use Passport. Every 300th guest got a plush Mickey and Minnie set. Every 3,000th guest got a commemorative 30th anniversary watch. And every 30,000th and 300,000th guest got a car (a Chevrolet and Oldsmobile, respectively). The 300,000,000th guest that year, received a Cadillac.

Melissa said...

I marched behind horses in a parade once, with our Shakespeare in the Park company.. Part of our job was calling back to the sword fighters doing demonstrations behind us when we encountered road apples, because they weren’t as able to look down as we were. We did have to modify our folk dancing a bit depending on conditions on the ground.

Anonymous said...

Major, I am not sure about powdered eggs being served, I haven't had breakfast inside the Park for decades. Ever since Downtown Disney appeared, I have been getting chow from La Brea Bakery or the DTD Starbucks on the way to the gate and eating up in the security line. On the whole, I think Park food is decent and only about 200% over-priced.

I drink very little coffee anymore (long story, won't share). I still remember loving a good strong cup, especially the smell. I do remember coffee in the Park to be pretty awful and my son, a major coffee nut, would go back out to DTD Starbucks for his hits until the inside Starbucks opened up. The coffee at the other inside places is definitely not Starbucks, according to him.

As a boy, I would race to the Matterhorn to get in the bobsled line while it was still short. Mom and Dad would get coffee at the Market House, I would come back after my ride and find them holding hands at one of those outside tables. I really miss them sometimes.


Melissa said...

What I’ve read is that the scrambled eggs come in liquid form, in a big sealed plastic bag that they submerge in boiling water, sous vide style. But that was about 10 years ago, so things may be different now. I also read that they put pancake mix in their omelettes to make them stiffer.

The best cup of coffee I’ve had in my entire life was the Kona press pot at the Kona CafĂ© at WDW’s Polynesian resort.


ANDREW,MAJOR: those tropical dresses are Caribbean . They are from the Adventureland Steel Drum Band YELLOW BIRD segment of the Disneyland 25th Anniversary Parade in 1980.

MAJOR: I have rarely seen the 30th giveaway hats - I suspect they were not sturdy enough if a guest assembled them and wore them . Currently on EBAY someone is selling a unassembled Conductor Hat from the 30th series.

MAJOR: in the parade’s Main Street section of today’s pictures is a Emporium female cast member ( in the blue skirt and blue abs white striped top) she appears to be handing out the Main Street Straw Boater Hat!

TOKYOMAGIC: I have a Disneyland 30th ( California) Pictorial book that was only sold at Tokyo Disneyland - it has parade sections showing The electrical parade , the American Gazette , Donald’s 50th( why?) and the 30th parade : but all the images are the sherbet garbed dancers, the “ribbon - whip “ girls and the white lead logo floats - none of the “land” salute segments .

"Lou and Sue" said...

Thank you, Jr. Gorillas, for making today's parade soooo much fun for me and my dad! All the comments are great - as always!

Some additional thoughts...

...Chip trying to hold up that toddler for his peanuts....
Dr. Goat, I love it!!

Melissa, did you notice the girl standing to the left of our "Best 80s Outfit" gal? She's wearing leg warmers over her jeans!! I've never seen that before, have you? Also, I don't see any HIGH 80s hair?? I know I wore mine high and teased - and looked like a stupid poodle, for a couple years. (Not that poodles are stupid.)

JG, I'm with you regarding parades...I head for my favorite attractions when parades (or fireworks) start. Last year, in WDW, when the parade started - I rode POTC three times in a row - NO lines! When the fireworks started, I rode JC and HM - NO lines! (And I could see fireworks FROM the JC boat.)

JG, LaBrea Bakery is our meeting spot at the end of the day, when meeting friends and relatives who live in California but who just want to meet us at the end of the day, for a few hours (and skip the parks). We've had some great family reunions there!

TM! Thanks for the parade link - that's a HIGH-energy parade! (Music's corny, though!)

JC Shannon, I would check with Mike Cozart regarding that Frontierland sign that you want. I bet he has that...he has all the cool stuff!

A new week begins and another reference to pith helmets. Is there a trend starting here-?
Nanook, you did tell us that the 4th Monday of every month is Pith Helmet Day. I wore mine, today.

Stu: If it wasn't for you, Stu - and the others too, there wouldn't be a reason for "Lou and Sue" to entertain you with all this hullabaloo - WOOOO HOOOO!

Huck, that is sooo cool that you recognize your friend! I noticed in the first two photos that his head is stuck in one position - he must've been eyeing one particular gal, for a while! I also thought I recognized one of those Caribbean tropical-dressed gals and had to enlarge the face to see...but, nope, it wasn't Mike. ;)

JG, my dad and I will join you for coffee, right after this parade is over. Save a couple seats for us!

Sunday Night said...

Maybe that red, white and blue thing is an ice cream cart and they are handing out ice cream? Perhaps the lady with the basket is handing out cake? I don't know. Maybe that's just wishful thinking.
It must have been a rather cool day. Lots of jackets and coats. And I think I spy at least one camcorder. Remember how bulky those things were!? Yet some people lugged them all day around Disneyland!

JG said...

@Huck, great to see you recognize another friend. Makes the pictures more real somehow.

@Melissa, liquid eggs are pretty common and aren't a bad option. Understandable with the challenges of mass preparation. Also, I do make an exception for Kona coffee. We had the best coffee ever at Merriman's in Waimea on the Big Island in January. I wonder if I will ever be able to go back?

@Sue, the parades are a mixed blessing, the disruption of traffic is terrible, but being able to ride the Haunted Mansion 4x in an hour is a positive. Just need to remember to be on the right side of the route.

Another La Brea Bakery fan, always welcome, it's a great spot and a great story. Yes, let's definitely meet over at the Town Square Cafe as soon as the parade is finished! I'll get a table by the rail. We could catch up on all the details.


Nanook said...

@ Sunday Night-
Jason's Disneyland Almanac says the weather on March 8, 1985 had a high of 68°, with a 44° low.

Melissa said...

@Sue, not only have I seen leg warmers over jeans, I’ve worn leg warmers over jeans! Especially the rainbow ones. And yes, all the hair in these shots looks a LOT flatter that I remember hair being worn back then.

Dean Finder. said...

The liquid eggs makes sense. Most restaurants and hotels make omelets and scrambled eggs from cartons of pre-mixed eggs. They're basically the same as having some sous chef mix up endless batches of eggs without the cost.
My understanding of coffee at WDW was that with only a few exceptions (the press-pot coffee at signature restaurants mentioned by Melissa), coffee was Nescafe concentrate in a bag that was mixed with hot water, sort of like coke syrup mixed with carbonated water in a soda fountain. I'm not a big fan of Starbucks, but I understand why people were generally in favor of them coming to the parks. Myself, I travel with a coffee pot and make my own in the room in the morning. I can't be expected to wait until I get to the park to get some caffeine.


When Colombian Coffee Growers sponsored the coffee at Disneyland it was so good!! One time at the Plaza Inn we asked the waitress what the coffee was ... she said she can’t believe how many guests love and compliment the coffee. She brought out a big foil silver pouch that was used to make the coffee ....all it said was 100% Columbian Coffee. But it was so good. The best coffee!

I cannot stand Starbucks coffee - it’s acidic and foul. Most people are not really drinking their coffee any how - Starbucks sells mostly coffee-sugar milkshakes over ice.

"Lou and Sue" said...

Melissa, I probably wasn't wearing my leg warmers the right way, after all! Us midwesterners weren't always up on the current styles. Both coasts (California and the East Coast) were always ahead of us. When I was 16 and stayed with my cousin in California for vacation, we went clothes shopping and I bought some great items that I couldn't wait to bring back home and wear. They were the 'latest and best'!

Mike, I STRONGly agree about Starbucks' STRONG coffee - ugh! And you are sooo right about their "coffee" girlfriend and I occasionally stop at Starbucks to get their Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino. It's described as, "Buttery caramel syrup blended with coffee, milk and ice, and topped with a layer of dark caramel sauce, whipped cream, caramel drizzle and crunchy caramel sugar topping." We also asked for "extra caramel and extra caramel crunchies on top." If those drinks weren't so darned expensive and fattening - I would drink them every day.

JG, we're heading to the Town Square Cafe, now!

Major Pepperidge said...

Gotta split up my comment into two parts again:

TokyoMagic!, I have no point of comparison, but based on the sheer number of photos that Lou took, this seems to have been a pretty long parade with lots of participants. I was hoping Mike Cozart would know if there was an “A” parade and a “B” parade (my terminology) for busier days and less-busy days, or whatever. And “WOOOOOOOO!” to you too!

TokyoMagic!, aha, that’s interesting. I would have never imagined that the things on that contraption were hats, but you are so right, it does look like that man is about to give a feathered visor to some lucky kid. Thanks for the corrected information about the prizes for the 30th birthday. Imagine going to Disneyland and winning a car! Every 30th guest won an Unlimited Use Passport?? Man, that’s a pretty sweet prize too. I guess I need to share those photos that Lou took of the cars that were waiting for somebody to win them.

Melissa, I’ve often worried about the people in the marching bands who really do seem to be concentrating on their little sheet music, or perhaps are so consumed by marching in time that they might miss a little surprise in the road. Yuck! The hazards of the job I guess. Maybe some of those folk dances began as fancy footwork to avoid horse poops.

JG, I wouldn’t even really mind 200% markups on amusement park food if it was uniformly good. But I hate paying high prices for a meal that is barely “OK”. When I took my niece to “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” last year, we ate at The Three Broomsticks, and our food was quite good, much to my amazement. They had a great system of ordering, picking up the food, and then finding seating. I’ve never been a coffee drinker, and sometimes I envy my friends who seem to enjoy it so much. But then again, I don’t get the headaches from not having my morning caffeine. My sister used to give her daughter milk with a little coffee in it, and the ratio of coffee to milk increased. Not sure WHY she did that! Your memory of your mom and dad waiting for you at the Market House is very sweet, no wonder you miss them.

Melissa, ha ha, maybe it’s better that I don’t know how they prepare the food! Cooking a giant bag of eggs sous vide style does not appeal, but maybe it works better than I’d imagine. It doesn’t seem like you’d wind up with nice fluffy scrambled eggs that way. Pancake mix in their omelettes? Weird.

Mike Cozart, I would think that they must have given out many hundreds, if not thousands, of those hats! But if they were fragile, then I guess it’s no surprise that they have not survived through to today. I see the cast member, I wish we could see the hats more clearly!

Major Pepperidge said...

Lou and Sue, I was wondering where you were today! Glad you saw the latest from you and your dad.

Sunday Night, I think your guess is definitely a case of wishful thinking! I would be much more of a parade guy if they handed out free ice cream. They have given out cake at big anniversaries, like Disneyland’s 50th. I love a good sheet cake. I noticed the jackets and sweaters, it can definitely be cool in March, much to the surprise of people who think that people in SoCal surf every day!

JG, the La Brea Bakery is pretty good, but they need to put less tar in their baked goods, if you ask me.

Nanook, hey, I didn’t know you had that book! Jason generously gave one to me for free, even though I had my cash all ready to hand to him. What a nice guy.

Melissa, how about leg warmers and Ugg boots? Perhaps that much warmth would set off a chain reaction of some kind.

Dean Finder, I’m sure you are right about liquid eggs, it does make sense, even though the idea isn’t that appealing. I think in some of the photos of the kitchen of one of the restaurants, you could see actual egg cartons, but I might be mis-remembering. That was 40+ years ago too. I’ve never had powdered eggs, can they be any good at all?? And yes, I think Nescafe was what the podcast mentioned (for some reason my brain had “Sanka” stuck in it). You sound like you are a hard core coffee lover!

Mike Cozart, I have a photo or two of the Plaza Inn with the sign saying that it was sponsored by the Colombian Coffee Growers. Now the coffee is supplied by the sanitation department!

Lou and Sue, ha ha, you live near Chicago, not exactly Podunk City! I always thought that leg warmers were kind of silly, more fashion than function. But they looked cute on girls, so I wasn’t complaining! I agree with you, a Frappuccino is very tasty. I haven’t had one for years, but when I used to go to Starbucks with friends, I could always order a coffee drink that was basically a milkshake. Delicious.

Chuck said...

Sue, thnk Lou again for today's photos. Thanks everybody for some great commentary!

Anonymous said...

When I was working Hills....we used actual eggs. I could crack 4 of them at a time...2 in each hand. KS

"Lou and Sue" said...

KS, ...and that's probably when Disneyland served fresh-squeezed orange juice, too. It was always delicious!

Anonymous said...

Major, I went to La Brea Bakery and found a dinosaur bone in my bran muffin.