Sunday, February 23, 2020

Goof Troop, July 1976

Good old Goofy; he may be clumsy, but he's so lovable that everyone wants to be around him. Rich, poor, tall, short, Goofy doesn't care; hugs are free. Look at how delighted that little girl is! Meanwhile the little boy is delighted for a different reason - he just lifted Goofy's wallet. Joke's on him, the wallet is full of old gum.

Goofy invented the "noogie", though his version is considerably more gentle than the kind offered up by meanies. His noogies merely tickle. I don't recognize the doorway behind everyone, do you?


Nanook said...

I see we have the return of the young children with the questionable clothing choices. Our young friend on the right is attempting to 'work' "a look" that never caught on. (In the good news department... she'll be thrilled to know that in the not-to-distant future, early sightings of the "cold shoulder" will begin to make the scene. Too bad that hasn't yet passed).

Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

Yep, it's the kid in the Garanimals® pajamas, again!

Those doors behind Goofy, lead to The Walt Disney Story Featuring Great Moment With Mr. Lincoln.

Irene said...

I did not realize that Goofy had such long eyelashes! You can really see that in the first photo.


The first photo has Goofy and guests standing in front of the Walt Disney Story exit lobby and to the right of the Mad Hatter shop.
The second photo is directly in front of the Opera House / Walt Disney Story grand entrance.
This model Goofy costume has less than two years left as Mickey , Minnie, Goofy , Donald and Pluto would be completely revised for Mickey’s 50th ..... which was good timing , but in actuality the updates were part of a Walt Disney World generated change Disneyland benefited from.

1976 feels like it was only 20 years ago .... but alas ..... not even close!

JC Shannon said...

Of all the characters Walt created, Goofy is my fav. He is just plain lovable. All the kids can feel it. Wow 1976, Mike is right, seems like just a few years ago. A lot has changed, but the noogies are still free. Thanks Major, you made my day.

stu29573 said...

My wife got me a Goofy watch that ran backwards. Unfortunately over the years it conked out. Goofy has always been my Fab Five personal fav. Thanks for the pics!

Melissa said...

OMG, the looks on those kids' faces are absolutely priceless! If only you could bottle that kind of happiness!

My Mom bought one of these Goofy caps on our 1983 WDW trip, and I wore it often. I think I wore it to every homecoming week's "Funny Hat Day" all through Jr./Sr. high school.

You could smuggle a lot of cupcakes in those puffy sleeves.

zach said...

Goofy got into Minnie's false eyelashes again.


"Lou and Sue" said...

Now we see why that little boy wouldn’t smile in most of his other pictures - he
may’ve been self-conscious of that missing tooth. With all those kids smiling, that first picture is a prize!

Thanks for the Sunday smiles, Major!

K. Martinez said...

Love the Goof. Especially the cartoon shorts like his "How To" series or when he became the suburban father with the leggy wife circa 1950's. Thanks, Major.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I’ll have you know that I dress just like those kids, and have been complimented on my fashion choices while I was in Paris and Milan!

TokyoMagic!, my brother has become one of those guys who just wears sweatpants everywhere, so Garanimals pajamas seem classy by comparison. I thought those doors might be for “The Walt Disney Story (etc)”, but was too lazy to do any research.

Irene, it has been rumored that Goofy wears false eyelashes, but I think it’s just sour grapes from jealous people.

Mike Cozart, thanks for all the additional details. Now I want to look and see how different Goofy looked two years later. I think I know what Minnie, Mickey, Donald and Pluto looked like, but maybe not?

Jonathan, yes, Goofy was always so affable, although there was that period when he was in those “Motor Mania” type movies when he would turn into a raging monster! I did like those movies, though.

stu29573, oh, those “backwards Goofy” watches were pretty valuable at one time, don’t know if they still are! They even released reproductions of them because of the demand.

Melissa, it is very sweet to see how happy kids can be to see one of their beloved cartoon heroes. I was so curious to see which Goofy hat you wore, because my mom had one too, but yours is different. My mom’s looks like the green hat that Goof wears.

dzacher, sometimes he just wants to feel pretty, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Lou and Sue, it never occurred to me that the boy might be self-conscious of a missing tooth. I think I was always proud of a missing tooth!

K. Martinez, I do love the “How To…” series, and while Mickey seemed to get more boring when he turned into a suburbanite, Goofy’s cartoons were still entertaining. I didn’t recall that he had a leggy wife!

Dean Finder said...

Not just kids, but adults too. My wifes uncle in his 60s practically dragged us over to see Goofy when he appeared at Epcot on a trip a few weeks ago. I have never seen him smile as much as he did when meeting characters.

K. Martinez said...

Major, whenever Goofy's wife was vocal (hen pecking) they'd only show a short dress with her bare legs and wearing high heels.