Sunday, January 12, 2020

Frontierland Views, September 1966

It's time for a couple of so-so slide scans, circa '66. (I am submitting today's post for the 2020 Alliteration Awards).

First up is this look at the Golden Horseshoe Saloon (beneath the bluest sky ever), where you can get a sarsaparilla in a dirty glass, and watch a hilarious show featuring music, beautiful gals, and some rootin' tootin' comedy. It's nice to see that fancy sign above the entrance, replacing the low-budget printed banner that was there for years.

Next is this view from one of Frontierland's big boats, looking down at one of the park's many popcorn wagons. My friend Mr. X recently went to Disneyland and said that the popcorn carts were filthy, which was disheartening to hear (he worked as a popcorn vendor back in the early 70's). But in 1966 they were still sparkling clean, so fear not, man buying popcorn! Look at the light crowds, it would have been a lovely day to be there.


Nanook said...


"A lovely day", indeed. It looks downright relaxing. Ahhhh....

Thanks, Major.

"Lou and Sue" said...

WOW! A street-sweeper working! Now that's a thing of the past. On my recent trip to WDW, after 5 days at the parks, I saw a total of 6 street-sweepers - but only witnessed 1 working, out of all those days. It was a hard-working lady "sweeper" in the lady's restroom. And, believe me, the others weren't working because there wasn't anything to clean.

Very nice scans, today, Major! And I don't mind if you eaves-drop - this is a party line. (Hi, Nanook and TokyoMagic!)


TokyoMagic! said...

I was noticing those two giant rocks along the edge of the river and thinking that they surely couldn't still be there today. With all the "Project Stardust" (official Disney name!) garbage that has been taking place at Disneyland, which includes getting rid of anything they need to, in order to widen the walkways (including trees, grass, flowers, etc.), I would have thought those rocks would have been removed. That, and the fact that it looks like a kid (or an adult) could easily climb up on them and then fall into the river. But I just looked at Google maps and it appears they are still there, or at least some kind of rocks are still there, if not the exact same ones. They have put an extra railing around the rocks. I guess that would help, to some degree, to keep people from climbing on them.

Hi Sue! Major, thank you for not telling us to please go and have our conversations elsewhere! (Referring to yesterday's post and comments, as well as other posts.)

TokyoMagic! said...

And when I say thanks for not telling "us," I mean ALL of us who do that, not just Sue, Nanook and me!

Chuck said...

Fond Disneyland Memory #79 - eating an unhurried supper after dark on a lovely October evening with my sister and parents at one of those outdoor tables, watching the Twain ply the river while "fireflies" sparkled in the trees overhead.

Fond Disneyland Memory #126 - eating an unhurried breakfast immediately after Rope Drop on a lovely October morning at one of those outdoor tables, boring, er, I mean enthralling my wife with a memory of eating an unhurried supper after dark on a lovely October evening with my sister and parents at one of those outdoor tables, watching the Twain ply the river while "fireflies" sparkled in the trees overhead.

Thanks, Major, for dragging those to the surface on an icy January morning, temperature 27°F. They'll sustain me throughout my 4-mile constitutional this morning.

Andrew said...

I wonder if anyone still has that printed could go for big $ now.

TM!, I did Street View in Google Earth (they have the whole park!), and although that rock is fenced in, there's a couple more down towards the Mark Twain dock that aren't and are just waiting for a kid to climb on them. Weird!

Thanks for the post!

Chuck said...

Andrew, you have your first assignment for your upcoming visit this summer - sit or (gasp!) climb on one of those unfenced rocks. :-)

[The comment above was provided for entertainment purposes only and does not reflect any actual, enforceable assignment or recommendation by Chuck, Major Pepperidge, Gorillas Don't Blog, or any other commenter who may happen to comment about the above comment. Climbing on unfenced rocks or rising more than three feet above the ground without appropriate safety gear or training may be dangerous and/or against Disneyland or CalOSHA policy. Follow Park rules and any instructions given to you by a cast member. Do not attempt to lift, roll, or eat unfenced rocks or cast members. Void where prohibited or taxed. No cash value.]

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, what if I happen to like being there with 80,000 other people?

Lou and Sue, gosh, the sweeps were always around at Disneyland, I’m surprised that they seem to be so scarce in Florida. Can the “culture” there be so different? I guess so! I hope that you, Nanook, and TokyoMagic! have a nice conversation, ha ha.

TokyoMagic!, I wonder if those big rocks were found on property while they were grading it for the park? Those are some quality boulders. “Project Stardust”, ugh. Amazing that they are still there, like you I would have assumed that they would be LONG gone. Funny that they don’t want people climbing on them, since they seem like natural “benches”.

TokyoMagic!, nope, I was just chastising you three troublemakers! Also, spit out your gum.

Chuck, those Fond Disneyland Memories sound pretty sweet. I wish my family had taken the time to do more leisurely meals, the only food-related memories I have involve eating a hamburger and watching sparrows pick up dropped french fries. Hey, it’s cold here too! 46 degrees. Well, that’s cold for SoCal anyway. I’ll have to wear a jacket for the first part of my hike today.

Andrew, I’ve seen other vintage banners at auction, but never one of the Golden Horseshoe examples. Hortie Van (the company that made most of Disneyland’s signs and banners) had an incredible auction years ago, I saved large jpegs of most of the items.

Chuck, seeing as you are the official GDB attorney, I thank you!

dzacher said...

It's too early in the year, Major, to submit to the 2020 Alliteration awards. Submissions sent so soon certainly sit, unable to sustain momentum. See?

Said sweeper has perfected the 'through the legs, in stride' method to no applause whatsoever. We shall offer belated appreciation.

It's a beautiful September day. I don't have Jason's Almanac- what was the attendance and temps?

Thank you Major P


Nanook said...

"what if I happen to like being there with 80,000 other people? Well then, such would be your lot in life-!

Andrew said...

Chuck, that was so funny! When I'm in the park, I'll be sure to climb on that rock to get on top of the railing that borders the River, all while yelling "I hate Fantasmic and Wookie World! Gorillas Don't Blog fOrEVeR!!!" I guess I'll just see how long I can stay there before I get accosted by security, fall in the river, or end up compulsively eating a Cast Member. :-)

TokyoMagic! said...

After posting my last comment, I realized that Google's "street view" of Disneyland, has not been updated since April of 2017 (the date is at the very bottom of the screen). So it is possible that with "Project Starcrap," they have gotten rid of those rocks by now.

Andrew, when you go to the park this summer, you will have to give us a current update on whether or not they are still there!

"Lou and Sue" said...

This is waaaay off today's post subject, but did you see that Meghan Markle signed up with Disney? Boy, Disney is really going in many different directions, aren't they?! Interesting . . .


TokyoMagic! said...

Sue, I had not heard that, but I just looked it up. I guess she will do voice over work for them, in exchange for them donating money to a charity.

On a similar note, I was doing research online last night (after seeing the current/latest Star Wars film). No spoilers here.....but while I was searching online, I did find out that Prince Harry and Prince William both had cameos as Stormtroopers, in the previous Star Wars film (The Last Jedi). I hadn't heard that before.

"Lou and Sue" said...

TM! You've GOT to be kidding!! That HAS to be a joke, don't you think?! The Queen would NEVER approve - at least I don't think so.

Chuck said...

Sue, it's true, but their scene was cut from the final print. You can see it in the "deleted scenes" on the DVD and Blu-ray (or would that be "Blu-Rey?

Chuck said...

The actual clip can be seen here starting at about 13:00.

TokyoMagic! said...

Sue, I don't think the Queen has any say in what either of them do now. Years ago, each one of them told her, "You're NOT the boss of me!" ;-)

Clyde Hughes said...

Ok, I'm a few days late on this one.. is that a dollar short and a doughnut long? errr..
The popcorn vendor photo is so relaxing!
I just love the painted concrete and the little raised concrete area that seems to have been made just for the popcorn wagon. And the little rope posts are made to look like logs. That detail!