Sunday, December 17, 2017

DLRR & Flower Market, October 1962

Here are two images from October, 1962, for your viewing pleasure.

Let's begin with this nice shot of the Fred Gurley (ol' #3) waiting at the station. That guy in the cab, whoever he may be (Engineer? Science officer? Navigator?) looks like he's ready for a vacation. We get a nice look at the combine, where freight was stored, passengers could sit, and pizza rolls could be deep-fried. I like the brightly-colored balloons down below.

There's that darn Flower Market again. I don't know how many people bought the phony-baloney flowers, but they sure did like to take pictures of them. Hello, li'l Carnation milk truck!


Nanook said...


"Oh, the Wells Fargo Wagon is a-coming down the street..." It was a nice touch (if not accidental) to capture those colorful balloons - and a tiny glimpse of the Jungle Cruise attraction poster.

And it's no wonder no one bought those 'phony-baloney flowers' - that NCR cash register is un-manned [as we used to say]. More-interestingly is that pair of Fiberglass, oval-bottomed planters, that nestle in those four-pronged metal bases. It appears as though the taller, smaller planter is adorned with a butterfly-! Oh, how cute.

Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

Nanook, eye went right to those mid-century modern-ish planters. I'll take one of each, please.

Didn't the combine car also include a "butcher" for all the passengers' meat-purchasing needs?

K. Martinez said...

Box Car Willie would be right at home in that combine singin' his old train songs on his way to "Hobo Heaven".

Not only were those flowers phony-baloney, but fake scented too. Nice set of Main Street images today. I especially like the combine image. Thanks, Major.

Melissa said...

Beautiful, bright, crisp images today! We’re under a foot of snow, so this dose of vintage sunshine is most welcome.

Although I never got to see any in person, I think those black-eared Mickey balloons may be my favorite design.

Maybe the milk truck driver got confused and thought he needed to stock up on carnations.

Noticing the “GENTLEMEN” sign in the bathroom, it struck me that's probably the most silk flowers anyone ever had to walk through to get to a public men's room.

Chuck said...

Melissa, that's got me thinking of an old episode of the Burns and Allen Show where Gracie gets a bouquet of flowers.

"Oh - carnations! We'll milk 'em later."

Melissa said...

“In the bathroom” should be “in the background.” Autocorrect is getting all Freudian on me.

Ken, my mother's boyfriend's brush with fame was meeting Boxcar Willie in Las Vegas. Ed was one of those guys who liked everybody, and everybody liked him immediately in return. He had a way of making you feel like you'd been best friends all your life.

So, he happened to be walking down the Strip one day on vacation, and spotted Boxcar Willie outside the casino where he was playing. He called out, “Hey, Boxcar Willie!” went over, clapped him on the back, and they stood there laughing and talking until Boxcar Willie had to go back inside. A few years back I was doing sound effects for a play, and one of them was a wooden train whistle like Boxcar Willie’s. Gave me a big smile every time.

Anonymous said...

Useless Disneyland Fact #371: The W. Center Street gentlemen’s restroom was actually swapped with the ladies’ in April of 1980 owing to the fact that the men’s was slightly larger and it was thought gals could use the extra stall.

I warned you it was a useless fact! ;)

K. Martinez said...

Melissa, I love Box Car Willie's train whistle. Love his music too. Enjoyed your story about your mother's boyfriend Ed meeting Box Car Willie in Las Vegas. Thanks!

K. Martinez said...

Anonymous, I thrive in useless facts. Thanks!

The Disney Dudebro said...

I've mentioned this before, but one thing I appreciate about the old Main Street is how much it feels like an actual downtown area where it feels like an actual place people would do shopping. Also, got to love the old train cars, which actually look and feel like actual train cars. Little details like this are lacking these days.

Anonymous said...

Any photo of the Flower Mart is a good photo.


Steve DeGaetano said...

AH! I came too late to the party!

Great shot of the Gurley and combine!