Thursday, September 07, 2017

Disneyland's "Summer '67" Guidebook, Part Three

It's time for part three in Ken Martinez's "Summer '67" Disneyland guidebook - one of the best guidebooks of all! Here's Ken:

Summer ’67 Disneyland U.S.A. – Part 3 Disneyland’s Adventures and Attractions

Today is the third post in a six part series featuring the “Summer ’67 Disneyland, U.S.A” booklet.  Featured today are the main attractions that were at the Park during this time.  I’ll let the booklet pages tell the story.

Disneyland Attractions and Adventures – I like this classic view of the original and very colorful Fantasyland.

I like the King Arthur Carrousel image with its pinkish horse. 

Anyone remember the sounds of the “Big Game Shooting Gallery” in Adventureland?  I miss those nighttime cruises aboard the Mark Twain on the Rivers of America.

The Old Mill on the Rivers of America looks great there.

Here we have Juan the “Enchanted Tiki Room” barker bird out front probably causing jam ups at the Adventureland gateway.

Is there anything in these images that is the same at Disneyland today?  Even the Jungle Cruise launch striped canopies have changed.

Next will be Part 4 featuring dining and shopping at Disneyland.  Hope you enjoyed today’s post.

THANK YOU, Ken Martinez!


Nanook said...


Evidently you can't have too many sailors in a teacup - or as the copy states: ...three happy whirlers...

It's definitely a Disneyland from another time; and many would say, a 'better time'.

Thanks, Ken. Now I can rev-up my salivary glands and shopping savvy for the next installment-!

TokyoMagic! said...

Awww, I miss THIS Disneyland so much! Yeah, it actually looks like every teacup has military men in them. Maybe it was Armed Forces Day at the park? That shot of the family in front of the Witch is odd. The way that they are posed makes it seem as if they were not in an actual ride vehicle. I prefer the "old" Alice interior and exterior over the "new" version. Some things just can't be improved upon! The Skyway's "gently swaying" buckets? I don't think I've ever seen them described that way before. I LOVED the Skyway and still miss it to this very day, but I'll take a "non-swaying" bucket, please!

Thanks for sharing more of your 1967 Disneyland guidebook with us, Ken!

Scott Lane said...

Loving these Guidebook posts! As Nanook said, a better time.

TM: I can hear it now: "One ticket to Fantasyland, please."
"Swaying or non-swaying?"
"Non-swaying, please."
"Here you go, sir. Enjoy your flight."

Melissa said...

Love the bird's-eye view of Old Fantasyland; I could never quite see in my head how Casey Jr. Hit into the land, but now it all makes sense.

Oh, and helloooooooo, sailor!

Melissa said...

"fit," not "hit!" I miss my full-size screen!

Chuck said...

Well, the Department of the Navy is sure well represented on these pages, but with a Naval Station and two Marine Corps Air Stations within 20 miles as well as a retired admiral in the company's hierarchy, it's not too surprising.

As always, great stuff, Ken and Major!

K. Martinez said...

Nanook, I'd say it was a better time, but that opinion is probably generational. You can dine and shop away on the next installment and it ought to be easy on the pocket book since the only cost will be the juice to run your electronic device and your imagination of course.

TokyoMagic!, I miss this Disneyland too. Now, I wouldn't have caught that shot of the family posing in front of the witch from "Snow White's Adventures" unless you pointed out the oddness of it. No doubt it's a publicity shot as they're not in the "mine car" ride vehicle. That's what I love about sharing these booklets/postcards with others. You pointed out something I overlooked and I can now enjoy it on a different level. Thanks!

Scott Lane, unfortunately my sister liked the swaying buckets and if they weren't swaying, she'd make sure they were.

Melissa, the birds-eye view of Old Fantasyland is my favorite image in today's post and there are a few others from that angle I've seen before. I've always liked that view.

Chuck, The Disneyland Navy does have quite a large fleet of various boats, ships and submarines. It's no surprise that much of it was accomplished by the retired Admiral Joe Fowler. I love his history before and during his time at the company.

Thank you all for the nice comments. More to come!

Melissa said...

I never rode a swaying bucket, but my sister and I took jumping up and down on the barrel bridge at Florida's Tom Sawyer Island to dizzying new levels.

Anonymous said...

Coming in late but so nice to see the Fantasyland Chalet in its prime.