Friday, April 20, 2012

More Wardrobe Department!

Here is another post featuring vintage photos from the Disneyland Wardrobe Department, graciously shared by GDB reader "Huck".

All three of today's costumes are wonderfully obscure, which makes them extra awesome! Check out this ernest young fellow from the Mail Room (circa 1966)! He's all business.

Also from 1966 is this cute-as-a-button young lady from the "Lost Children" department. I'm going to go back in time and get myself lost. Hopefully mom and dad won't notice I'm gone!

If you left your beloved pooch at the Ken-L-Land dog (and cat) kennel, you might see this guy. He looks like a veterinarian, which inspires confidence. I won't leave Mr. Snuffles in the hands of just any shnook!  He also gets bonus points for looking like a dentist.

There's lots more of Huck's Wardrobe Department photos to come!


  1. Nice! I was just thinking...if these cast members were in their 20's (and I'm just assuming here), then they would be around 70 today. I hope they are still with us....and that they are happy.

    I wonder if any of them ever smuggled any part of their wardrobe home with them? I would have been tempted to with that blue jacket with the DL patch!

  2. Looks are everthing in 1966. The poor Lee Harvey look a like gets hidden in the mail room and the hottie is reading The Brave Little Tailor to swarms of lost (on purpose) little boys. Hubba Hubba

  3. the mail room guy needs an action doll made in his likeness.

  4. Anonymous1:01 PM

    I'm lost, I'm Lost, take me, take me, take me please.

    She's a real find, my goodness.

    Thanks Tokyo, for the reminder that these are really real people, and not just caricatures. I wonder how they were selected for this duty and if they got copies of the pix.

    Also, I want Lee's jacket. I seem to remember that item from parking lot and custodial people of that era, maybe the mail room wasn't the only issue for that rig.

    Thank you Major, upholding GDB tradition for some of the oddest posts on the internet.


  5. I graduated High School in 1966 and wish so much I could have worked at Disneyland. I lived in Los Angeles and did go a lot. I go even more now with an AP. So if I had worked there I would be able to say that yes, I am still here and I am happy.

  6. Anonymous1:56 PM

    The generic uniform pic (aka; Mail Room) was what we were assigned at the Flight Circle.

    In the winter, we were issued a longer corduroy coat to go with it.


  7. Looks like they caught Doc just as he was opening his mouth to say something.

    Either that, or he has to mouth breathe because he's allergic to cats.

  8. I could have been Nancy Nursery. I love her 'do! The sixties were so awesome...

  9. Thanks, Irene....that's good to hear!!!

  10. TokyoMagic!, I thought about that too, especially when I see a pretty young woman (which probably makes me a terrible person). So strange to see fresh-faced employees and think that they have now lived most of their lives.

    Alonzo P Hawk, it does seem as if a lot of cast members are "cast" based on their looks. Asians seemed to only work in Adventureland, for instance.

    thepickelbarrel, there would be no necessity for lifelike poses because that's how he always stands.

    JG, i wonder if I would have had one of my "kid crushes" on her, just like I did with my 2nd grade teacher!

    Irene, I'm sure there are plenty of Disneyland workers from 1966 who are still around and happy!

    CoxPilot, I would have expected the Flight Circle employees to get something a little more futuristic… and yet I've seen the photos, with the white shirts and ties.

    Melissa, Doc looks particularly uncomfortable; or he was singing a song.

    Nancy, she is my favorite, and (happily) shows up in a number of other photos as well.

  11. Anonymous10:09 AM

    There is a photo of the Flight Circle guys from 1958, just before I came, when Wen-Mac was the lessee. (Cox took over in 1959) It shows a little variation in the uniform. They wore the plastic hats and boots from the Autopia, with the pants tucked into the boots. Real fruitie looking, and they hated it. When Cox came in, they went generic rather than pay the extra for special uniforms.