Thursday, March 12, 2020

More From "1937Fan"

It's time for more great photos, thanks to "1937Fan", who so generously allowed me to share these with you. The pictures were taken by her aunt back in 1964 (the day after Thanksgiving).

The setting November sun has left half of Main Street in cool shadows - it's hard to tell, but I think the clock on Main Street Station only reads "4:20" or so. It's definitely "sweater weather". I love seeing the classic old Main Street shops, like the Carnation Ice Cream Parlor, the Sunkist Citrus House, and The Coke Corner.

Here's a pretty and colorful picture taken at the Plaza, with a Horseless Carriage, a Horse Drawn Streetcar, and a Surrey all rounding the bend. Hello, House of the Future! It's funny, the taller boy sitting on the bench appears in a couple of photos in this batch, and I thought he might be the son of 1937Fan's Aunt. But she says that she does not recognize him!

And here's a second view of the Plaza, bustling with people. Everything looks so great! You can see Auntie standing just to the right of the ice cream vendor's cart, facing us (and wearing sunglasses).

Thank you, 1937Fan!


  1. Major-

    Fun images. I'm particularly curious about those matching hats on the gals riding in that horseless carriage. Were they sold at the Park-?

    Thanks to 1937Fan.

  2. Love the first image with the lit signage down the westside of Main Street. Thanks, Major.

  3. I also like that first image with the signage kind of "layered." It's an interesting camera angle.

    I wonder what the little boy in the bottom right corner of the last pic, is pointing to? I was going to say maybe Baloo and King Louie were hanging out in front of Adventureland, but "The Jungle Book" wouldn't be released for three more years. Maybe he was pointing at the characters from "Moana."

    Thank you again, 1937Fan....and Major, too!

  4. TM!, I was immediately drawn to Pointing Boy as well. He looks so excited! Maybe he found the bathroom. So many adorable kids' sweaters today.

    The black hats two of the Horseless Carriage passengers are wearing have a sort of Pilgrimmy shape going on. They didn't sell souvenir Pilgrim hats in November, did they?

  5. The upright signs on Main Street, like the "Refreshments" and Citrus" ones in the first shot, seem to be very prevalent all up and down the street, something that probably isn't 100% appropriate for the era, but I guess Main St. has always been romanticized. Thanks 2937Fan.

  6. ...if Snow White had come out 1000 years later. ;)

  7. Definitely "sweater weather." Temps must have dipped into the 60s.

    Loving all those wonderful, early-'60s cardigans - I love that style. I was so bummed when I found my dad's collection in the early '80s and my mom strongly discouraged me from wearing them to school because they weren't in style.

    Pointing Boy is saying "Look! A fort! And a pirate ship!" (He'd been reading the captions on Grandma & Grandpa's slides.)

    Nanook, no, they didn't sell horseless carriages at the Park. But you could buy an organ. Life is weird like that sometimes.

    Andrew, you're just anticipating the 250th re-release.

  8. 4:20, huh? I smell somethin' funny burnin'! What with them no-goodnic Beatles coming to America only a year before these photos, I suspect these folks are up to no good! Now get off my yard!
    Ok, actually these are charming! I wonder if these folks would believe how crowded this day on the calendar would become? Heck, they probably thought it was crazy crowded back then! My vote for favorite shot is the first one. The shops seem very real, for some reason... Good pics today!

  9. Does the street car sign say Fare 10¢ or Fart 10¢? Where's my magnifying glass?

    I really enjoyed Main Street when the shops were separate and unique; not just one long plush shop. The angle of the shot with the signs is unusual. I like it!

    Thanks 1937Fan!


  10. @stu29573-
    According to Jason’s Disneyland Almanac, the attendance was a “whopping” 24,190-! Wow, such ‘crowds’.

  11. Nanook, I can only assume that those hats were sold in the park, though they are unusual. Maybe those women came to America in the Mayflower?

    K. Martinez, yes, those signs are awesome! It almost looks like a bustling boardwalk.

    TokyoMagic!, the little boy is pointing at 1937Fan’s name of course. It’s so obvious!

    Melissa, he really does look thrilled about something. My guess is that a costumed character of some kind is standing nearby; Mickey or Donald, or maybe Pluto. Ha ha, I thought the ladies’ hats looked like Pilgrim hats as well!

    Andrew, I’ve seen early shots of downtown Los Angeles - granted, a lot more metropolitan than Main Street was supposed to be - and those vertical signs are not unusual. But there is no question that Disneyland’s Main Street is romanticized.

    Andrew, ;-)

    Chuck, yes, those freezing temperatures. It may have even dropped into the 50’s! When I lived in Pennsylvania, I’d go out into the snow barefoot (for short intervals). I can’t imagine doing that now. Funny that your mom was so concerned about you remaining fashionable; you’d think she would like that you wanted to wear your dad’s cardigans. I wonder if an antique car dealership was ever in the early plans for Disneyland’s Main Street? They had something like that at the old Petersen Automotive Museum in L.A. (before it was completely redone), and it was pretty neat.

    stu29573, I hope you don’t really smell anything funny, or else Disneyland security will be escorting you to the front gate. Maybe you will even be permanently banned! I’ve always wondered how those “permanent bans” worked, how could they enforce it? All a man or woman or child would have to do is wear a big fake mustache. And yes, I went to the park when I was a kid and thought it was crowded, but I’ll bet it was nothing compared to a crowded day today.

    dzacher, come to GDB, we got weed humor, we got fart humor, we gots it ALL! Like you, I miss the more varied shops at Disneyland; a friend sends me great pictures of his items from Merlin’s Magic Shop and other stores, I’m so jealous!

    Nanook, weird, I quoted a different number (30,247)last November; knowing me, I screwed it up somehow! Time to dig that book back out.

  12. No, Major - I screwed up. The 24,190 figure was for Thanksgiving Day. The attendance for the day after was 9,856-!

  13. Looking around further, the high temperature on Thanksgiving Day was 69°; however on the day after, the high temperature was 88° Hmmm, I’m beginning to wonder about the date. (But knowing the sheer ‘wimpiness’ of So. Cal residents - all bets are off). There was a lad sporting shorts, so...

  14. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Splendid pictures of the Park as it should always be.

    That Main Street view is excellent, looks like a real city. Everyone is so well-dressed.

    Thanks Major and 1937Fan, I am really enjoying this series of photos. It was a great trip.


  15. Anonymous11:04 AM

    The 'Golden Age' of Disneyland. Remember this was taken during a very busy period...Thanksgiving weekend. The crowds of then pale in comparison to the normal crowds of today...well, once the virus subsides. KS

  16. I especially love the first picture - thank you 1937Fan and Major!

    Speaking of Disneyland people population, it will be at zero for the last two weeks in March. From what I heard, they are closing for a couple weeks.


  17. @ Sue-
    Evidently so. (It'll be interesting to see if the closure(s) will be extended beyond the end of the month).

  18. Yeah, it's really unfortunate - my high school already cancelled their once-every-4-years WDW trip. Although it'll probably be rescheduled for next year, I won't get back the hours of fundraising I spent...

  19. Main Street lights are so pretty here. Nice pics today. I enjoyed the ladies' hats as well.

    Thanks to 1937Fan and Major P!

    Nancy 🙂

  20. "Does the street car sign say Fare 10¢ or Fart 10¢? Where's my magnifying glass?"

    Pull the driver's finger and you'll find out.

    I like WDW the week after Thanksgiving. The crowds are tolerable, the weather is warmer than at home but cool enough to wear long pants, and Christmas decorations and events are up and running.